ISLAMABAD: The Zero Point Interchange’s (ZPI) Kashmir Highway underpass connecting Sectors G-8 and H-8 will be closed for construction of approach roads and other ancillary works for 10 days from February 20 to March 02, said spokesperson for Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Saturday.

He said the traffic coming from Sector G-8 and destined to Sector H-8 will continue on Sector G-8 Service Road to reach Peshawar Morr and will disperse accordingly to their destinations. However, for the sake of public convenience, the previously closed Sufi Tabassum Road (H-8 Service Road West) intersecting at Kashmir Highway (near Peshawar Morr) has been opened, he added.

Similarly, the traffic originating from Sectors H-8 and I-8 will use the Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) Road to approach Peshawar Morr through Sufi Tabassum Road and onward to Service Road South Sector G-8, said the spokesperson.

He said it was recommended that traffic flowing between Sectors G-8 and H-8 should use Islamabad Highway as alternate route.