LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that the newly constructed building, which was formerly to serve as a rest house, has been converted into training institute for female students. He said that this splendid building constructed at a cost of Rs five crore was a beautiful gift for the girls of Murree by the Punjab government on the occasion of Independence Day.

The CM said that many rest houses have been built during the 62 years history of Pakistan and now such struggle is needed which could change the destiny of the country and provide relief to the people so that they could live honourably.

He said this while addressing an inaugural ceremony of the building of Government Technical Training Institute for Women at Murree under the aegis of Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA).

The Chief Minister said that full attention is being paid for imparting quality education and training to the women in order to give them prominent place in the society and ensuring their participating in the national development. He said that the women by acquiring skills in modern disciplines should play their due role for increasing the facilities of professional training in rural and urban areas besides strengthening the country’s economy so that problems of poverty and unemployment could be solved. He said that substantial increase is being made in training facilities in all the institutions of TEVTA for this purpose, so that maximum number of women can bring economic revolution in their respective areas after benefiting from these facilities. The Chief Minister said that alongwith traditional education, women are also being equipped with modern knowledge and arts so that after training they cannot only become self-reliance but also create opportunities for women by setting their own institutions. He said that soft-term loans are being provided to skilled women by Punjab Samall Industries and other institutions.

Earlier, during a briefing, Chairman TEVTA Saeed Alvi thanked the Punjab Chief Minister on provision of a beautiful building and facilities for the vocational training of women at Murree and informed that the building of government Technical Training Institute (Women) Murree has been constructed at a cost of Rs.five crore near Jhika Gali Chowk which have 13 class rooms and two halls. He informed that presently courses of dress making, beautician, commercial arts, DIT (Information Technology) and fine arts are being conducted while with a view to interest of girl students in the evening classes, the courses of fashion designing, coral draw, AutoCAD and glass paintings are also being started.

Source: The Post