AZAD Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Sardar Yaqoob Khan has said that the occupied Kashmir issue would be resolved within next two years as India is no more in a position to prolong it more.

Speaking at Lahore Businessmen function, He said the Kashmiris had never compromised on their right of self determination. They have given blood to gain independence from India, he said adding that they now feel no need for armed struggle to liberate the Valley. India, he added, has exhausted all options to tame the people of Kashmir. He said brutal Indian armed forces numbering 800,000 have been unable to control the Valley it occupied illegally.

He said 60 years later the priorities of the Indians had changed. He said India was now striving to become a super economic power of the world. He said its economy was currently hostage to huge expenditure on Indian forces in Kashmir for taming the never ending protests by the people of the Valley.

The prime minister said that India could not become an Asian Tiger unless and until it withdrew its army from occupied Kashmir. He said India would either vacate Kashmir or provide right of self determination to the people of the Valley or it would disintegrate into six separate states.

He said that he was personally against trade between AJK and occupied Kashmir because Indian goods could come in the garb of Kashmiri products that could hurt Pakistani industries. He said limited trade has been allowed in this regard under international pressure.

AJK PM calls on Taseer: The PM called on Punjab Governor Salman Taseer at Governor’s House.

Progress of on-going composite dialogue between Pakistan and India for the deliverance of Kashmiris from Indian subjugation came under discussion during the meeting. The prime minister said that Pakistan has always raised its voice in favour of Kashmiris at every international forum and Kashmiris appreciated the support extended by the Pakistani nation to them at every moment of need. The governor assured the prime minister that quota of Kashmiri students in professional educational institutions of Punjab would not only be increased but also regularised. He said that in order to make Kashmir Bank a profitable institution, its branches should be established in Pakistan as well as other countries after its affiliation with any national or international bank.

CM Meets AJK PM: THE PM also called on Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif.

The CM apprised the AJK PM of the measures being taken for the rapid development of the province. He said a comprehensive strategy was being implemented for maintenance of law and order and uplift of education, health, agriculture, infrastructure and other sectors in the province. He said revolutionary measures had been taken for raising the standard of education. He said scholarships were being offered to the talented students of the Punjab Educational Endowment Fund to help them overcome their financial problems and continue their academic activities.

Source: The News