ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) has finalised the proposal to open new sectors in capital and decided to announce two residential sectors in every fiscal year.

This was decided in a meeting Monday headed by CDA member planning Tahir Shamshad. According to sources, the proposals regarding opening of new residential sectors are finalised and have been also sent to cabinet division. Later, it will be forwarded to planning division for approval and then funds will be allocated.

As per criteria, to announce a new residential sector, a separate account will be opened for the every sector and allocated funds will be kept separately. The purpose is to avoid disbursement of money in unconcerned project.

As in past, it was witnessed that whenever the construction of sectors was delayed, former management of CDA utilized those funds in other projects, like building of roads etc because of the encroachments. But after getting rid of them CDA starts construction work but empty account hinders and the encroachers reemerge. So if the funds spent on other projects would not have spent, at least they would have been increased in shape of interest, they said.

They said Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani had shown concerns over the residential problems of the capital and instructed to open new residential sectors, so it is expected that planning division will approve the project for the budget of 2011-12. If project was announced, CDA will be in a position to announce a new sector in October 2011. Besides, there is a proposal that funds can be collected from the federal government or loan from the government departments as well as from the banks.

Sources said it was also decided that in current fiscal year CDA would put all its focus on Sector D-12 and I-11 to evacuate the land from the encroachers at the earliest. Development charges will be demanded from the allottees of the both sectors. It was further decided that within a week notices would be issued to encroachers and after that an operation would be conducted to vacate the land in both sectors. As far as location of new sectors is concerned, seven new sectors ie F-13, D-13, E-13, C-13, C-14, C-15 and C-16 are under consideration. Feasible sector will be considered at the time of launching.

CDA member planning Tahir Shamshad while talking to Daily Times confirmed that proposals for the launching of new residential sectors were finalized and after getting approval from cabinet division project would be finalized. He said it has been decided to issue notices to the encroachers of sector D-12 and I-11 and one out of two sectors would be announced in next 10 months.

Daily Times