LAHORE – Relaxation in the import of used cars is being fully abused by the auto dealers in connivance with the customs department, as heavy shipments of hundreds of 10-year-old cars have reached the port, TheNation learnt on Saturday.

Sources in the customs department have revealed that the relaxation in the age of the used cars, given under personal baggage and gift scheme, are being misused on large scale by the auto dealers mafia, which has brought around 1,800 vehicles, mostly above 1,300cc, since the government final approval of relaxation in the period of used cars import. Though the relaxation is made for personal baggage scheme by the government, implying that a passenger himself will get his car clear but no such practice was witnessed, as only dealers are importing these vehicles by offering bribe to the custom officials, sources said.

Official documents available with The Nation revealed the alarming facts of as to how the dealers are abusing the relaxation policy on used cars’ import. According to them, heavy shipments are docked at the port containing hundreds of cars which are as much as old as 7 to 10 years or older. The details of the containers carrying the used cars and docked at the national port are as follows: The cars of Toyota outnumbers all other brands as Belta are 17, Corolla 236, Hiace 12, Fielder 36, Ractic 3, Passo 44, Platz 4, Probox 7, Premio 40, Porte 2, Vitz 180, Prado 9, Land Cruiser SW 1, Wish 8, Axio 4, Succeed 1, Rav4 1 and Toyota old cars 24 have been shipped so far. There are 20 Mira and 6 Terios kid of Daihatsu brand. Mercedes C180 counts 1 and Mercedes Benz 1. Suzuki’s brands count is Alto 16, Every 16, Kei 15, Servo 3, Swift 1 and Wagon R 3. Another famous brand Nissan brings Truck 14, Tida 1, Clipper 1, March 1, Pickup 4×4 1. Mazda Carol 1, Mazda Truck 32, Honda Civic 1, Hino truck 5, Korean cars 111, Ford Ranger d/c 240, others (not recognized) 368 are also docked at the port.

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