ISLAMABAD: The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) on Friday granted 10 days to Wateen Telecom (Pvt) Limited and the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) for submission of reply to the CCP show cause notice and for furnishing documents required by the bench.

A statement issued by the commission said that the appellate bench of CCP comprising Chairman Rahat Kaunain Hassan and member Vaddiya Khalil held the hearing against the groups.

Upon a request and after being urged by Wateen’s counsel, the bench granted 10 days for submission of reply and for furnishing documents required by the bench. The CCP had issued notices for entering into an exclusive agreement for the provision of telecommunication and media services for one of the phases of DHA.

It was pointed out during the hearing that Wateen had failed to submit documents that were required by the bench in the previous hearing. The next date of hearing in respect of the matter has been set for January 13. The parties have been required to furnish projections and explain the rationale for granting exclusivity for a period of 30 years.