The owners of damaged plazas and shopping malls demanded of the government to compensate them for losses they suffered during protests against the Supreme Court’s verdict.

After disqualification of Sharif brothers, protesters damaged property in different areas, including Chandi Chowk, Commercial Market, Sixth Road, Faizabad and Shamsabad. The owners told ‘The News’ that despite camouflaging front portions of their plazas protesters damaged their plazas inflicting heavy losses to them.

Qayyum Ahmed, owner of the Royal Centre Plaza at Commercial Market, said that the government should compensate them, as it was the responsibility of the administration to check protesters who damaged the property.

Kaleem Ahmed, another plaza owner, said that nothing is safe in the country due to lawlessness. He stated that there is no justification to damage public property.

However owners of some plazas adopted a unique technique to save their properties from aggressive mobs by prominently displaying pictures and flags of the PML-N leaders on their buildings.

Source: The News