CDA chief still entitled to unlimited fuel

ISLAMABAD – Though the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has endorsed the decision of the Cabinet Division regarding cut in perks and privileges including fuel charges as part of the austerity measures, yet CDA board members and chairman will remain entitled to availing the unlimited funds in the head of fuel charges.

The decision would be implemented on the employees of grade-16 to 19 excluding CDA board members and chairman, as they would keep on enjoying the said privileges.

Earlier, the Cabinet Division, while endorsing the decision of Finance Division, has directed all bodies functioning under its control to enforce economy measures to curtail expenditures for remaining period of the current fiscal year, 2010-11.

The Finance Division has directed an immediate cut of 50 percent in POL ceiling of entitled officials besides suggesting a same cut on travelling allowance and stationary expense.

Finance Division has also asked for a complete ban on purchase of physical assets including all types of vehicles. It was also directed that the ministries/divisions will not be authorised to re-appropriate funds from heads of POL charges, travelling allowance, stationary and acquiring of physical assets.

CDA officials of BS-17 up to BS-19 were entitled to 195 litres petrol per month prior to the decision, while officials of grade-20 and above including CDA board members and chairman are enjoying unlimited facility of petrol.

Following the implementation of the decision officials of grade 17, 18 and 19 are entitled to 115 litres petrol per month that is approximately 4-litre per day.

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