CDA finalises Rs 23.996bn surplus budget for 2011-12

ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) has finalised Rs 23.996 billion surplus budget for the financial year 2011-12, of which Rs 20.32 billion will be generated through self resources, Rs 2.082 billion from Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) and Rs 1.59 billion will be given by the government for the maintenance of the official buildings.

According to reliable sources, CDA will generate Rs 14.25 billion through self-finance, Rs 3.06 billion through revenue department that includes property and other taxes, Rs 3 billion through Municipal Bonds, Rs 2.08 billion through Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) and will get Rs 1.59 billion from federal government for the maintenance of President and Prime Minister House, Pak Secretariat, Parliament House, Parliament Lodges and other buildings.

CDA’s Development Expenditure will be Rs 12.11 billion, which will be Rs 650 million more than the year 2010-11 (Rs 11.46 billion), while the total budget for year 2010-11 was Rs 22.71 billion.

In next fiscal year’s budget allocation for the Engineering Wing is 6.26 billion as compared to Rs 5.35 billion in 2010-11. In next fiscal year’s budget allocation for the Estate Management Wing will be Rs 1.98 billion, Planning and Designing Wing Rs 784 million, provision for unforeseen expenditures Rs 2 billion, Environment Wing Rs 634 million and the Administration Wing get Rs 250 million.

Allocation for non-development expenditure for fiscal year 2011-12 will be Rs 9.76 billion as compared to Rs 9.01 billion in 2010-11. Expenditures will be increased due to increase in salaries and pension announced by the federal government.

CDA will earn Rs 1 billion by Estate Management and BCS, Rs 850 million against property tax, Rs 250 million against water charges, Rs 150 million against toll tax., Rs 220 million through municipal receipts, Rs 110 million from interest on deposits and Rs 27.65 million by sanitation receipts.

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