ISLAMABAD: In compliance with the direction of a Supreme Court Bench, headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, the CDA has retrieved 7,170 Kanals land from the qabza group, says a press release issued here on Saturday.

According to details, taking a suo moto notice about the land grabbing by qabza groups in the area of Islamabad, a report was called from the CDA chairman and Islamabad chief commissioner.

On receipt of the reports, the matter was placed before the Court, and the CDA authorities were directed to take back possession of the entire land in accordance with law which has already been acquired without giving any concession or entering into compromise with the occupants/previous owners of the land now belonging to the CDA for which out of public exchequer compensation has been paid. As far as the previous owners/occupants are concerned, they have no right to occupy the same. It was also directed that the CDA chairman shall prepare a schedule for implementing this order and fortnightly progress report shall also be sent to the registrar for perusal of the Court until whole property acquired by the CDA and presently in possession of the unauthorized occupants is recovered.

In compliance with the direction of a Bench of the Supreme Court headed by Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Chief Justice of Pakistan, the CDA has submitted a report to the Supreme Court of Pakistan that till date 7170 Kanals land has been retrieved. The report gives the detail of the land retrieved as under:-

i) 250 Kanals had been re-possessed at Village Malpur on 12-01-2011 & pickets had been established on ground for discouraging further encroachments.

ii) Possession of another piece of 10 Kanals of land at Village Malpur has also been taken on 18-01-2011.

iii) New construction has been stopped in Vallage Lakhwal and pickets have been established for stopping further encroachments.

iv) Operations have also been carried out by the Enforcement Directorate and possession of approximately 1,400 Kanals in Ckak Bera Singh, Dhok Jeejan & Village Lakhwal were taken on14-02-2011.

v) Possession of another piece of prime land, measuring 10 Kanals at village Malpur, in the surrounding area of the Chinese Embassy, had also been taken on 15-02-2011.

vi) An operation is also in progress for taking possession of illegally occupied state land in Sector I-12 and a land measuring approximately 5,500 kanals has been recovered so far.