ISLAMABAD, Feb 26 (APP): The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has planned to further increase the beauty and greenery in the Margallah Hills National Park by planting more saplings in the hills.According to sources of the authority, CDA is working hard to increase the green cover and preserve the green character of the Federal Capital.As many as 320,000 saplings would be planted in the suburb including Margallah Hills and Simly Catchments area.Out of these 200,000 trees would be planted in Margallah Hills as a part of efforts to further increase greenery in the Margallah Hills National Park.

Whereas 120,000 saplings would be planted in the Simly Catchments, sources added.The authority has also decided to plant trees in open spaces of the capital as after the construction of new roads a large number of trees were cut down.

The areas marked for the purpose include Avenues, Green Belts, Islamabad Highway, Parks, Playfields and new Sectors of G-13, H-11, I-14, I-16 and D-12.

CDA is the only planned city of Pakistan and its green character distinguishes it from other cities of the country as well as on the globe.
The clean and green environment of the capital city attracts lot of people which aggravates its scenic beauty.

Due to population explosion and huge increase in traffic, the CDA has to construct lot of new roads and for the purpose they cut down a large number of trees.

After severe criticism from environmentalists, the CDA decided to increase the number of saplings in order to regain the natural beauty of the city.

During the CDA’s three years Clean and Green Programme, which would culminate during the current spring season, the CDA targeted to plant 2.4 million saplings and it is quite hopeful to achieve its target.
Margallah Hills are being focused for the first time which was being neglected in the past as the hills are the best scenic place in the capital.

CDA would focus on Margallah Hills National Park which would ultimately help in protecting animals and birds species in the hills.
CDA is also focusing on the survival of the planted trees so as to ensure their growth.

The CDA wants to create awareness among masses because no campaign could get success until and unless it gets support from masses.