ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) is making concrete efforts to preserve archeological sites and historical trees in the vicinity of the Federal Capital to help promote old culture of the area.

More than Rs 40 million would be spent on preservation of the archeological sites and `Sadhu Ka Bagh’ whereas seven million rupees would be spent to conserve the historical trees in addition to utilizing the departmental resources for the purpose, an official of CDA said.

CDA has constituted a nine-member committee, to preserve the centuries old archaeological sites of the federal capital, consisting of members from CDA and other concerned departments for technical input and cooperation.

The CDA has also devised a strategy to preserve the centuries old trees located in both rural and urban areas of the federal capital.

Under the plan, the civic agency is preserving and developing 2,400-year-old Sadhu Ka Bagh located at Shah Allah Ditta, measuring two acres and Shah Allah Ditta caves with a cost of Rs. 40 million.

Besides, centuries old trees of different species including Date Palm, Kau, Phulai, Banyan, Mango and Peepul would also be protected under the same project.

In addition to the development of Saadhu Ka Baagh, CDA would also preserve the old historical sites adjacent to that like Shah Allah Ditta Caves, Stupa, old mosque, Boally and a pond at Bun Faqiraan to attract the visitors.

Chairman CDA Imtiaz Inayat Elahi has earlier said the basic objective of the project is to protect the rich cultural heritage of Islamabad and CDA would never carry out development in the federal capital at the cost of our heritage.

He said the project is part of the CDA’s efforts to protect the environment and promote tourism in Islamabad for which Tourism Division has already been created under the aegis of Environment Wing. He said that these sites, once completed, would be a great attraction for the local as well as foreign visitors.