ISLAMABAD: Balochistan is facing a 40 percent shortage of District Management Group (DMG) officers. “The shortage of DMG officials is because of the present law and order situation in Balochistan,” sources told Daily Times.

“The shortage of DMG officers in the province is not a new thing because even in the past officers were reluctant to serve in the province because of the lack of facilities. The present law and order situation has only worsened the situation,” the sources said. They said that another reason behind reluctance of officers to be transferred to Balochistan was that the government did not provide any extra benefits to officers working in the province.

Sources said a quota of DMG officers from BS-17 to BS-21 had been fixed for all the provinces. “In the BS-17, 25 percent quota has been fixed for the DMG officers,” they said. Similarly in BS-18, this quota has been fixed at 40 percent and in BS-19 and BS-20 a quota of 50 and 60 percent respectively has been fixed for the DMG officers, the sources added.

The Establishment Division during the last week of the previous month transferred eight officers of the DMG of BS-20 to Balochistan and two of them were transferred after being notified of their promotions to BS-20, sources said.

Sources added that it was likely that the Establishment Division would transfer more officers of the DMG to Balochistan. They maintained that in the next round of transfers it is probable that officers of BS-19 would be transferred to the province.

Source: Daily Times