Capital Development Authority Chairman Imtiaz Inayat Elahi on Tuesday urged the residents of federal capital to play their role for making the city ‘Litter Free’ with a warning to impose fine on violators.

In a briefing on Anti-Litter Campaign along with members of CDA Board held here, CDA Chairman said that Directorate of Sanitation, under its ongoing campaign, has been raising awareness among people about cleanliness and correct way of disposing garbage. Now, it is time to take action against those who throw rubbish on streets, roads, greenbelts, business and recreational places and defacing city’ beauty, so the Authority is moving forward to impose fine. “We want to make Islamabad beautiful like other capital cities of the world,” he added. Littering in Islamabad is crime under clause 5[29] of CDA Environment Protection Regulation 2008 and violators can be fined from Rs50 to Rs300 on the spot.

The chairman asked the Directorate of Sanitation to devise a mechanism for imposing fine with the help of Enforcement Division and arrange training of the staff members for the purpose.