CM for speeding up beautification of City

CHIEF Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif said on Monday that no road cuts would be allowed after completion of new roads and the departments concerned should maintain a close coordination in this regard.

He said the removal of billboards had added to the beauty of the provincial metropolis and asked the Parks and Horticulture Authority to accelerate the pace of development activities for the beautification of the City, ensuring completion of projects within the time frame. The chief minister was addressing a meeting regarding various PHA projects in the provincial metropolis, construction of parking plazas in the Liberty Market and the Park and Ride project for the beautification of the MM Alam Road at the Chief Minister’s Secretariat.

He said parking plazas would be constructed at the Liberty Market and he would lay the foundation stone of the first parking plaza on July 30. He ordered an inquiry into the delay in improving of the MM Alam Road even after more than a year of laying sewerage, saying the officials guilty of laxity would not be spared.

He said the maximum number of trees should be planted besides construction of monuments and landscapes on the Airport Road till September 30 with the completion of the road. The CM was given a briefing on beautification of the MM Alam Road. He was informed that the project had been named as Park and Ride and tram transport system would be introduced on the road. The CM directed that while constructing the parking plazas, future requirements should be taken into account and setting up of revolving restaurants at the rooftops of parking plazas should also be considered.

Donation for IDPs: A delegation of office-bearers of traders’ association of the Loha Market, Misri Shah, headed by Central President Muhammad Aslam Raza Butt, met Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif at the Chief Minister’s Secretariat on Monday and handed over a cheque of Rs 4.8 million for the relief and rehabilitation of the internally displaced people.

MPs call on CM: Members National and Provincial Assemblies from various districts called on Shahbaz Sharif on Monday and apprised him of the pace of implementation of development projects and problems of their areas.

Source: The News

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