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Commercial activities on 142 roads

LAHORE, Feb 1: The District Planning and Design Committee has allowed commercial activities on 142 roads or their portions, besides notifying another 16 thoroughfares where future commercialisation has not been permitted, in the controlled areas of the city district government of Lahore (CDGL).

However, the amended Punjab Land Use Rules (Classification, Reclassification and Re-development) Rules 2009, notified on Jan 8 this year would be applicable to these thoroughfares, an official told Dawn on Monday.

From Feb 1, the CDGL would put up a monthly recovery plan regarding recovery of permanent recovery fee from the owners of illegally converted properties abutting the approved roads.

The thoroughfares where commercial activities have been allowed included Shaikhupura Road (from Shahdrah Chowk to Begum Kot Chowk), Ravi Road (from Budha Ravi to Timber Market), Empress Road (from Railway Station to Shimla Pahari), Davis Road (from Shimla Pahari to Club Chowk), Egerton Road (from Shimla Pahari to Assembly Hall), McLeod Road (from GPO Chowk to Australia Chowk), Ravi Road (from Timber Market to Niazi Shaheed Chowk), Wahdat Road (Muslim Town Morr to Naqsha Stop, portion of Bund Road (Niazi Chowk to Gulshan-i-Ravi Scheme), Circular Road (Fort Road to Aik Moria Pul), Durand Road (Shimla Pahari to Allama Iqbal Road) and all roads within Walled City.

Similarly, commercial activities have been allowed on portions of Multan Road (from Chuburji Chowk to Chowk Yateem Khana and from Chowk Yateem Khana to Thokar Niaz Baig), portion of Bund Road (from Chowk Yateem Khana to Sherakot Chowk), Chuhng Main Bazaar (Government High School to Asghar Ali Bhatti General Store), Manga Main Bazaar (Multan Road bypass to Malik Rashid Plaza), Sufiabad Road (from Ferozpur Road to Government Boys High School), Shami Park Road (Chungi drain to Soneri Bank), Ismail Nagar Bazaar (Ferozpur Road to Masjid Chowk), Main Bazaar of Kainchi Amar Siddhu (Chungi Kainchi Stop to Kot Lakhpat railway crossing) and portions of Shahrah-i-Quaid-i-Azam (from PMG Office to Faisal Chowk and from Faisal Chawk to Zafar Ali Road), Lawrence Road (Masjid-i-Shuhda to China Chowk), Queen’s Road (Faisal Chawk to Qartaba Chowk), Temple Road (Qartaba Chowk to The Mall) and Lytton Road (Qartaba Chowk to Jain Mander Chowk).

Qila Gujjar Singh Road (from Lahore Hotel to Abbot Road), Islampura Main Bazaar (Noori Building Chowk to Atif Chowk on Sanda Road), Mozang Road Main Bazaar (Lytton Road to Temple Road), Wandala Road at Shahdara (G.T. Road to Latif Chowk), Lajpat Road at Shahdaran (G.T. Road to Sui Gas Chowk), Datanagar Main Bazaar (from overhead bridge to Madina Chowk), Katchupura Road (Katchupura Stop to Neelam Cinema Chowk), Ghoray Shah Road (Tezaab Ahata to Shawala Chowk), Jinnah Park Road Main Bazaar (Sultanpura Ghatti to Ghoray Shah Road), Sultan Mahmood Road at Baghbanpura (Wapda office to Mehmood Butti Bund Road), Salamatpura Road (Takia Karim Shah to Dairy Mohallah), Kotli Pir Abdul Rehman Road (Sukh Nehar Stop to Darbar Kotli Pir), Sahar Road at Baghbanpura (Shalimar Link Road to G.T. Road), Dars Baray Mian Road (Shalimar Link Road to Darbar Dars Baray Mian), Gunj Mughalpura Road (Shalimar Link Road to Lal Pul), Soikarno Bazaar at Shalimar Link Road (Shalimar Link Road to Toheed Park), Tajpura Road at Ghaziabad (Railway Line to Tajpura Scheme), Ghaziabad main Bazaar (Ghaziabad bus stop to Tajpura Scheme).Mustafabad Main Bazaar (Allama Iqbal Road to Ansari Road Chowk), Ansari Road (roundabout of Gulistan Colony to Canal Road Chaubacha), Mohni Road (Mohni Road Chowk to Taxali Chowk), Usmani Street at Bilal Ganj (Islam Road to Bilal Ganj Kabaria Market), Ibrahim Road at Bilal Gunj (Maula Buksh Road to Mian Munshi Hospital), Saadi Road (Islampura/Krishanagar Bazaar to Nasaruddin Road), Bazaar Hakeeman at Sanda (Sanda Road to Joye Shah Road), Joye Shah Road (Mazar Joye Shah Road to Afzal Road), Rajgarh Main Bazaar (Tangaywala Chowk to Rajgharh Chungi at Sanda Road), Qari Road at Islampura (Atif Chowk to Rajgharh Road), Abdul Rehman Scheme Main Bazaar (Mozang Chungi to Ghous Bakery), Pir Bahawal Sher Road (Chuburji Chowk to Lytton Road), Ganga Ice Factory Road (Sherpao Bridge to drain), Canal Park Main Bazaar (Gulberg Main Market Chowk to Shaukat Mahmood Road, Talliwala Chowk), Makkah Colony Main Bazaar (Main Bazaar Chowk to Cantonment limits), Maqbool Road at Ichhra (Chowk Baba Azam to Chowk Ashiqabad), Alpatgeen Road (link Ferozpur Road/Sakina Bibi Milkshop to Pakistan Chowk at Icchra), Pir Ghazi Road (Shama Road to Chowk Baba Azam), New Mozang Road Main Bazaar) Samanabad drain to second roundabout), Muhammad Ali Road at Ichhra (Masjid Jamia Muhammdia to Chowk Dohatta Colony), Shakir Road (Chowk Patwarian to New Samanabad Chowk), Shah Kamal Road (Chowk Aawian to Chowk Ashiqabad), Gunj Bukhsh Road (Chowk Abdul Wahid to Shah Kalam Road at Kamboh Colony), Millat Road (Al-Mumtaz Chowk to Atif Chowk at Pakki Thatti), Toheed Road (Main Bund Road to Malik Park drain), Kalyar Road (Umer Chowk of Gulshan-i-Ravi to Chowk Naunarian), New Shalimar Road (Multan Road to Naunarian Chowk), Khuda Buksh Road (Naunarian bridge to Bund Road), Rehmat Ali Road (Aik Moria Pul to Railway Station), Landa Bazaar (Circular Road to Railway Station), portion of G.T. Road (Singhpura to Shalimar Chowk), Shalimar Link Road (Shalimar Chowk to police officers’ residences), portions of Allama Iqbal Road (Dharampura Bridge to railway crossing, railway station to Rex Cinema Chowk and Rex Cinema Chowk to Ghari Shahu police station), Brandreth Road (railway station to Circular Road up to Mochi Gate), Montgomery Road (Cooper Road to Lahore Hotel Chowk), Fleming Road (Lahore Hotel to Circular Road), Railway Road (railway station to Mayo Hospital Chowk), Dil Muhammad Road (Chowk Daal Garan to Nisbat Raod), Nisbat Road (Laxmi Chowk to Mayo Hospital Chowk), Chamberlane Road (Mai Ladoo Masjid to Circular Road), Bansanwala Bazaar (Mayo Hospital Chowk to Circular Road), Guru Arjan Nagar Road (Circular Road to Chamberlane Road), Beadon Road (The Mall to McLeod Road), Cooper Road (Moonlight Cinema to Hotel Holiday Inn, Hall Road (The Mall to McLeod Road), Anarkali (The Mall to Circular Road), Urdu Bazaar (Circular Road to Lower Mall up to Oriental College of Punjab University), Outfall Road (Kutchery Chowk to University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences), Lower Mall (Kutchery Chowk to Chauburji Chowk), Lake Road (Jain Mandir Chowk to Chauburgi Chowk), Old Anarkali (The Mall to Old Anarkali Chowk), Nabha Road (Old Anarkali Chowk to McLagan Road), McLagon Road (Nabha Road to The Mall), Edward Road (Nabha Road to Jain Mandir Chowk), Fareed Court Road (Mozang Road to Jain Mandir Chowk), Mozang Road (A.G. Office to Lawrance Road Chowk crossing, Kala Khatai Road at Shahdara (G.T. Road to CDG High School), portion of G.T. Road at Shahdara (Ravi Toll Plaza to railway crossing), Timber Market Road (MCB Ravi Road to Kulhara Chowk), Circular Road (Azadi Chowk through Bhatti, Lohari and Delhi gates to Aik Moria Pul), Noor Road (Gilani Chowk at Badami Bagh to Bund Road), Amir Road (Double Road at Shadbagh to Bund Road), Sher Shah Road (Chowk Tokkaywala to Bhoggiwal), Tajpura Road at Shadbagh (Chowk Tajpura to Chowk Tokkaywala), Rahim Road (Chowk Tajpura to drain), Umer Din Road at Wassanpura (Chowk Nakhuda to Tajpura Chowk), Aziz Road (Aik Moria Pul to Neelam Cinema), Akbar Road (Nakhuda Chowk to Pak Nagar Chowk), Chah Miraan Dak Khana Road to Chowk Taizab Ahata to Chwok Neelam Cinema), Chah Miraan Road (Aik Moria Pul to Kot Khwaja Saeed up to Chowk Tandooranwala), portions of G.T. Road (Aik Moria Pul to Singhpura and Shalimar Chowk to Ring Road Interchange), Haq Nawaz Road (GT Road at Baghbhanpura to Shawalla Chowk), Ghazi Road/Zarar Shaheed Road (Chowk Murghi Khana to Chowk Jorray Pul), Bahar Shah Road (Jorray Pul to Bahar Shah Chowk), Infantry Road (Allama Iqbal Road to Cantonment drain boundary), Sundar Das Road (Muslim League House to Dharampura Canal), portion of Allama Iqbal Road (Garhi Shahu police station to Dharampura canal bridge), Haider Road at Islampura (Abdali Chowk to Islampura Road), Alamgir Road (Islampura Chowk to Akhri bus stop), Abdali Road main Bazaar (Abdali Chowk to Sanda Mor), Sanda Road (MAO College to Bund Road), Racecourse Road (The Mall to Shadman Chowk), Sultan Ahmed Road (Naqsha Stop at Wahdat Road to Zaildar Road), Zaildar Road at Ichra (Bandhara Centre to Chowk Baba Azam), Ichhra Road Main Bazaar (Ichhra Morr to Pakistan Chowk), Shama Cinema Road (Shama Chowk to New Mozang Chowk), Mehmood Road at New Samanabad (second roundabout at Samanabad to Kubra Masjid, Fateh Sher Road (Samanabad drain to Bahawalpur Road), Nadeem Shaheed Road (Shabab Chowk to Chowk Aawian), Link Wahdat Road/Ghosia Colony (Wahdat Road, Pilot School to Neelam and Pak blocks (drain), Al-Mumtaz Road at Pakki Thathi (Chowk Yateem Khana to Chowk Pakki Thatti), Bastami Road at Samanabad (Poonch Road to Multan Road), Poonch Road (Chauburji Chowk to Islamia Park roundabout) and Shamnagar Road (Chauburji Chowk to Hassan Chowk).

The thoroughfares where commercial activities have not been permitted included Jaranwala Road (from Chowk Begum Kot to Saggian Bridge), Maulana Ahmed Ali Road (Fruit Market to Ravi Chargha), portion of G.T. Road (Ring Road Interchange to Wagha Border), Outfall Road (University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences to River Ravi), Bahawalpur Road (Chauburji Chowk to Qartaba Chowk), Zafar Ali Road (Justice Sardar Iqbal Road at Gulberg-V to The Mall), Thay Zaildaran Road (Mazar Baba Qutab to J-Block of Gulberg-III), Saint Merry Park (Plot No 1 to 14), Noon Avenue at Canal Bank Road (Hussain Medical Complex to Canal Bridge at Muslim Town, Link Ferozpur Road), Faiz Road (Faisal Electric Road to Noon Avenue at Canal Bank Road), Malika Begum Road (Ferozepur Road to Sultan Ahmad Road), Kutcha Ferozepur Road (Samanabad drain to Mozang Chungi), Urdu Nagar Road (Samanabad Morr to Gulshan-i-Ravi drain), Gulshan-i-Ravi Road (drain to Muqaddas Park), Kutcha Kamahan Road (Ferozeper Road to Azam Chowk) and Ring Road (Niazi Chowk to State Life Society).


Commercial activities on 142 roads
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Commercial activities on 142 roads
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