ISLAMABAD: Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Saturday gets arrest warrants of seven Kurri land scam suspects including main icons of scam, former director Land and Rehabilitation Waseem Shamshad, Deputy Director Abdul Rasheed, Assistant Director Technical Malik Mumtaz, Sub-Engineer Khaid Khokhar and three other officials of Capital Development Authority (CDA) from court of Senior Civil Judge Mahmood Haroon.

On Saturday FIA official submitted application for arrest warrants of Kurri Land scam suspects, stating that the First Information Report (FIR) was registered against nine persons. FIA stated that the Land and Rehabilitation Directorate Admin Officer Asghar Ali and CDA Assistant Director Revenue Mian Aftab Ahmed were captured on August 18 and now they were in judicial lockup. In application FIA stated that Shamshad and CDA altered the procedure of allotment of plots to the affecttees, approved by the CDA chairman on September 1, 2010 consequently to which he issued hundreds of allotment letters without maintaining necessary record like, demolishing certificate, eligibility of awardees and cash compensation with the connivance of Rasheed, the then Acting Deputy Director, the then acting officer.

Shamshad issued 1,500 allotment letters in 2010 upon the technical reports submitted by Malik Mumtaz and Khalid Khokhar without having physical verification at spot due to which more than Rs 1.5 Billion in shape of allotments of plots occurred to general public and national ex-chequer.

Patwari Shahid Mehmood entered hundreds of fake and bogus BUP’s and fake affecttees in list with connivance of Aftab, Naib Tehsildar Ghulam Ali, Gardawar Ghaniur Rehman and other CDA officials.

Meanwhile the accused Shamshad took the embossing seal and dispatched register from office to his residence and issued 1,222 illegal allotment letters of residential plots with the connivance of the above mentioned accused persons and causing wrongful loss to CDA.

The CDA chairman also revealed that in his absence Shamshad had issued 500 allotment letters of residential plots in a single day followed by another 1,000 the very next day. A total of 3,961 allotment letters were issued of which more than 2,400 did not have the approval. The complaints about the fake entries in the award list were lodged with the office of chairman CDA, members Estate and the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) after which all the allotment letters were cancelled.