DHA ban on sheesha

THE Defence Housing Authority, Lahore, has banned sheesha in all restaurants and parks within its jurisdiction. The ban is meant to eradicate smoking of sheesha which is made from flavoured tobacco. DHA officials say teenagers smoke sheesha laced with narcotics and subsequently become addicts.

However, this ban needs to be really implemented as sheesha has the same chance of being laced with a banned substance as any other form of tobacco, especially cigarettes.

The DHA Lahore has not banned the sale and smoking of cigarettes in its jurisdiction. How exactly that will help the situation, only the DHA knows.

The DHA should either ban all forms of smoking in their markets and restaurants, strictly enforcing that ban or it should let sheesha outlets to carry on until they figure out a better way to solve this problem. Simply banning sheesha is not the solution to the problem. The DHA should put up large signs at all its entrances, announcing that one is entering a part of Pakistan where at least some laws are enforced. Well done, DHA, and keep up the good work.

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