LAHORE: The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) officials have decided to hold a meeting with the residents to discuss their problems for the first time. More than 100 points will be raised at the meeting, officials told Daily Times on Sunday.

The meeting aims at discussing problems like the security issues, property concerns, development issues and even a new 300-bed hospital and the university, chartered by the Punjab Government. The DHA officials were of the view that there should be a direct bridge rather than talking through other modes of communication. They said that the date of the meeting would be decided by the corps commander. “More than 100 points by the DHA Residents’ Association will be raised in the meeting. The complaint register provided to the residents’ association would finally reach the DHA offices,” they said.

Issues: Sources said that some of the complaints were about the absence of mosques in some of the sectors of the DHA. It had been decided during the planning that all the sectors would have their own mosques. They said that the residents had also been complaining about people throwing garbage in empty plots, which sometimes is set on fire.

The schools set up in various sectors like sectors C, E, and GG had been causing traffic problems for other residents, as frequent traffic jams were observed in the morning and at the lunch timings, they said. They residents would also request authorities to depute traffic wardens at every sector to deal with such problems. They said that there had also been complaints about rash driving in the area, which was resulting in accidents and disturbing the peaceful environment of the DHA during late hours.

Sources said that traffic chaos and noise pollution on Ghazi Road till late at night was another problem, which was usually because of the trucks plying on the main roads. The residents had been stressing the need to build more speed breakers in the area to check over-speeding, they said. “There have also been some complaints about admissions in DHA-owned educational institutions, where the society residents are not being given priority.”

DHA Residents’ Association President Colonel Syed Ashfaq Amjad confirmed that more than 100 points were going to be discussed in the upcoming meeting. He said that some more problems might be raised during the meeting.

Source: Daily Times