DHA Peshawar Plot Balloting on 25th December, 2017

DHA Peshawar announced plot balloting on 25th December, 2017

Salient Features of DHAP

  • Every Sector is of about 1 Km square size with Neighbourhood facilities in Centre which are within walking distance.
  • Every Sec has school for kids, mosque, Minimart and Water Sup system.
  • Separate Sectors for larger (1 Kanal) and smaller plot sizes.
  • Independent Grid Sta, STP.
  • Fully secure by 12 ft high security wall.
  • Total size of DHAP is 5×2 Km.
  • Independent freeway link from Motorway in shape of Northern Bu pass (15 Km) and Ring Road, by passing Peshawar City.
  • Two Canals and Two seasonal Nullahs running through.
  • 130 ft Main Boulevard, 200 ft Canal and Green Avenues. 80 ft Sectoral Rds. 50 ft streets for 1 Kanal, 40 ft for 10 Marla and 30 ft for 5 Marla Plot Sectors.
  • Central Facilities and Commercial Areas in and out of DHAP.
  • Compact and interlinkage of all sectors.
  • Greens, parks, picnic spots and walking areas scattered all around.
  • Own Hospital and University.
  • 5 Star Hotels and Sky Scrappers of Big Brands.
  • Contain Farm houses.
  • Centrally located DHA Club, housing sports facilities and Community centre etc.
  • Self sustainable and secure living environment.
  • Golf course.
  • Integral educational complexes, designed to accommodate Nursery schools and ranging up to secondary, higher secondary, college and own University; giving space to Government and Private sectors initiatives.
  • Accommodating and making best use of existing Canals, Nullahs, HT power lines and grave yards.
  • State of the art traffic plan.
  • Modern designed and equipped Sectoral mosques and huge Main Jamia Mosque.
  • No Cul de Sac and Samosa plots.
  • Bringing canal water to green spots. Also re-using treated sewerage water after STP.
  • Fibre Optics and Under Ground electric system.
  • Expandable to further phases in future, towards all four sides.
  • Caring for and including residents from all stages of society by incorporating 4 Kanal, 2 Kanal, 1 Kanal, 10 Marla, 8 Marla and 5 Marla Residential Plots.
  • Future heavens for business lovers. We have compact and spread Commercial Bay, Corporate Bay, Central Facilities and Commercial Corridors with plot sizes ranging from 4 Kanal to 4 Marlas. Giving opportunity to make a new sky line of Peshawar.

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