Dubai Courts heard about 106,000 cases in 2010

The Dubai Courts heard about 106,000 cases in 2010 against about 90,000 cases the year before, said Director-General, Dr Ahmad bin Hazim, while launching the department’s annual performance report during to a press conference.

Out of the 105,993 cases there were 59,833 civil, and the rest 46,160 were penal cases, he said.

“Making the report available to the public is a real challenge measuring transparency that many judicial institutions and governments in the Middle East refrain from doing that. The report helps assess the department’s performance and supports strategic developments,” he added.

The rate of judged cases increased by 25 percent last year compared to the year before. An average of 138 days was taken to judge cases in the First Instance, 167 days in the Appeal and 136 in the Cassation courts, said Dr Yousuf Al Suweidi, Director of Strategy and Institutional Performance.

The average period needed to execute judgments in the First Instance Court was 113 days for commercial cases, 119 days for civil cases, 87 days for labour cases, 147 days for property cases, and 128 days in rent cases, he said.

The average waiting time since cases are referred from the Prosecution until first hearings by the Frist Instance Court reached 23 days, by the Court of Appeal 30 days and the Cassation court 79 days, said Al Suweidi.

“We are looking to bring down the number of waiting days to 12 days in the First Instance Court, 21 days in the Court of Appeal and 64 days in the Cassation court,” he said.

On family-related cases, the Court succeeded in reaching amicable settlements in 59 per cent of the cases and the rest 41 per cent have been referred to the court. The rate of reconciliation jumped up to 94 per cent in the inheritance cases. The rate of Labour cases that have been settled amicably reached 34 per cent, he noted.

The court’s expenditure last year reached more than 398m and its revenues were more than 254m, added Dr Al Suweidi.

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