Dubai Customs launches the Passenger Charter

Dubai 2 April 2011: Dubai Customs has recently launched “Dubai Customs Passenger Charter” which comprises a set of commitments of high quality customs services ensuring proper and fair treatment of all passengers coming to the UAE through air, land and sea entries in Dubai. The charter sets out the passengers’ rights and duties with regards to customs services once they arrive, as well as the mechanism of submitting suggestions, enquiries and complaints.

The charter is considered the first of its kind in the UAE and is based on the ISO standards including 10001:2007 which addresses quality management, customer satisfaction and corporate code of conduct.
It is also based on passengers’ feedbacks provided in response to a survey Dubai Customs conducted over a long period of time; the respondents were of different Arabic, Asian, European, American and Australian origins. All their views and suggestions were taken into account to ensure meeting their needs, and thus developing sustainable services to them.

Releasing the Charter comes within Dubai Customs’ process of ongoing development and maintaining quality and service improvements through facilitating communication with the passengers along with ensuring fair treatment inline with the Department’s strategic plan in terms of the implementation of best practices and modus operandi.

H.E. Ahmed Butti Ahmed, Executive Chairman of Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation, Director General of Dubai Customs emphasized: “We view our work as the constant endeavour that goes in line with Dubai’s rapid development as envisioned by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE’s Vice-President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai”.

He added: “Participating in achieving progress and prosperity in Dubai is a commitment that we all carry out with pride and passion. And we, at Dubai Customs, are committed to developing and maintaining transparent and accountable procedures that are also fair and reasonable in dealing with passengers. At the same time, we believe in realizing excellence through persistent pursuit of the best international practices meeting the requirements of World Customs Organization (WCO) as well as the standards of many other respective international organizations in the field of travel and aviation control across the world such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Airports Council International and the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The DG of Dubai Customs declared that the Passenger Charter which was released in Arabic and English is more than just a document as it includes facilities provided to Dubai visitors to assist them complete their transactions to the utmost efficiency at the arrival entries. In addition, the charter introduces the mechanism of dealing with their issues in case of any dissatisfaction.

He also pointed out that, through this charter, passengers can submit their complaints or suggestions in different languages including French, Chinese, Spanish, Urdu, Russian, Persian, Indian, English and Arabic.

Moreover, the Charter defines passengers’ duties on arrival; especially good conduct of treatment, transparency in declaring information about goods and compliance with the items allowed to import as per the Passenger Manual and all other adopted legal formalities inline with the local legislations and agreements as well as the regional and international regulations including the GCC Unified Customs Law and the requirements of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) while Customs being taken as the executing authority of these legislations.

H.E. Ahmed Butti Ahmed said:” People in Dubai expect the best as it is considered an international tourism and business hub. Therefore, we are committed to developing top quality service delivery standards persistently.”

It is worth mentioning that Over 15 million passengers who come to Dubai will benefit from this charter. Dubai Int’l Airport deals daily with more than 120 thousand passengers who belong to different international cultures. “Last year, 47.2 million passengers travelled through Dubai Airport and we expect to receive 52 million passengers by the end of 2011 and 98 million in 2020. Adding to these, 375 passengers who travel by sea are anticipated to arrive in Dubai in 2011.” He further noted.

“We are keen on making Passengers feel comfortable upon arrival to Dubai, even those who need to be searched at the airport due to suspicions or incoming information about them. As the inspection & investigation procedures are applied in compliance to civilized values without interfering in their privacies or contriver any local or international regulations and legislation and within the framework of UAE supreme traditions. Herewith, the idea of investing our capabilities in the field of training operations to our inspectors and passenger relations employees and uplift with their skills of reception, services and inspection procedures since they are ambassadors to represent the country specially being the first to receive the arrivals. And to reflect the UAE civilized and oriented picture”, highlighting that facilitation movement of people and goods is a top priority of Dubai Customs along with maintaining security and safety of the community.

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