LAHORE (January 28, 2011) : A high-level expo and international conference of experts from the housing sector is being arranged in Lahore from February 22 to 23, 2011 to deliberate on housing issues and help the depressed national economy revive.

The event is being organised by Development Times, news magazine in co-operation with House Building Finance Corporation, Pakistan Institute of City and Regional Planners, Rawalpindi Development Authority, Institution of Engineers Pakistan (Lahore chapter) and Engineers Study Forum, said a spokesman here on Thursday.

The conference will discuss various issues like housing needs and challenges in Pakistan, housing and urban development – new technologies, areas of profitable investments and urban development sectors in developing countries, finance opportunities and challenges, and quality in construction and technological advancements in living styles. It will also discuss low cost housing – latest concepts and practices, problem areas in the housing sector including cost of construction and their economical solutions.