The Traffic Engineering and Planning Agency (TEPA) has prepared a PC 1 for the construction of a two-kilometer-long dual carriageway along the Mian Mir drain, linking Ferozepur and Multan Roads, said a TEPA official on Friday.

The officer said the PC 1 had been prepared a year ago, but the project was postponed because the Ring Road also had to pass along the drain. He said the road was not part of the Ring Road and therefore the chief secretary had asked the authorities concerned to prioritise the link road project.

TEPA chief engineer Khushhal Khan said the project was important for a smooth traffic flow on the two roads. He said Bahawalpur Road and Wahdat Road linked southern Lahore with Multan Road. He said Bahawalpur Road was short but narrow while Wahdat Road took comparatively longer to reach Multan Road. Khashhal said the construction of the dual carriageway would reduce the burden on Ferozepur Road and Multan Road in addition to provide an easy access to commuters between the two roads.

He said the road would be constructed on both sides of the drain and land would be bought where space was not available. He said there was no shortage of funds for the project as the government was willing to spend on the project. He said there was a shortage of construction material because several development projects were underway. Contractors were unavailable to take up projects, he said, adding that the TEPA itself was currently overburdened with several development projects.

Project to finish in current fiscal year: Khushhal said the project would be completed within the ongoing fiscal year, as the PC 1 had already been completed. He said funds would be available by November and work on the project would begin by early next year.

Source: Daily Times