WHEAT flour will be available at highly subsidized rate of Rs 200 per 20 kg bag at designated points across the province from August 18.

Under the special arrangements being made by Punjab government, subsidy of Rs 355 has been announced on each 20 kg bag during the holly month of Ramazan.

For this purpose, provincial Food Department will release 10,500 tons of wheat to flourmills across the province at Rs 305 per 40 kg. In return, flourmills owners will supply around 50,000 bags of 20 kg across the province at subsidized rates.

During the discussion between high-ups of Food Department and members of Pakistan Flourmills Association, a difference of opinion on issuance of wheat has stalled the negotiation for the time being. Provincial government wants to verify the release of flour to market before issuing wheat quota to flourmills. On the other hand, PFMA members are of the view that the mills have not sufficient quantity of wheat. Therefore, they demanded that wheat release should be confirmed for subsequent sale of flour at subsidized rates. Both sides are hopeful of resolving the issue vary soon.

Source: The News