Dubai: A new law issued yesterday will allow renovation work on residential buildings in old settlement areas of Dubai and allow Emiratis to continue living in these areas.

His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, in his capacity as Ruler of Dubai, yesterday issued Law No. 4 of 2011, defining the scope of powers, functions and objectives of the Mohammad Bin Rashid Housing Establishment.

The law also specifies the establishment’s scope of work in housing services, land mortgaging, financial loans provided to beneficiaries and other related matters.

The law defined the establishment as a public institution enjoying legal personality and capacity to direct all actions that ensure the achievement of its objectives.

Right to decide priority

Article No. 5 of the law specifies the establishment’s objectives in providing housing services for the beneficiaries in order of priority, and in line with their needs and ensuring a dignified life for them.
The establishment is also responsible for granting residential plots, building houses and residential compounds and allocating them for beneficiaries.

It will also lease houses to the beneficiaries, provide loans or financial grants to them for construction of houses or purchase of property or to cover maintenance costs.

In addition, it will also carry out renovations on houses of Emiratis present in older areas of the emirate in order to improve housing services and allow Emiratis to continue living in these areas. The establishment, in coordination with the relevant government bodies, can also carry out any actions it deems necessary in these areas, including reconstruction, buying and owning houses and maintaining them.

The Law also stipulates that the establishment will be managed by a board of directors with a three-year renewable tenure, whose chairman, vice-chairman, and members will be appointed in a Decree issued by the Ruler.

The board will be able to approve the grant, withdrawal or reinstatement of housing services according to cases or circumstances that are specified in this Law and its accompanying decrees.
In regard to housing services, Article No. 13 stipulates that the executive regulations of this law specify the prerequisites for benefiting from housing services. Moreover, a resolution from the Ruler or Chairman of the Executive Council can exempt any person from these prerequisites.

Ownership stipulations

During the application process for the housing service, the establishment has the right to ask for any necessary documents to ensure the authenticity of information provided in the applications.
The law also states that the beneficiary, or whoever inherits the house, cannot transfer the ownership of the houses unless approved by the Ruler.

Any other actions regarding the provided houses, either by the beneficiary or who inherits it, must be in accordance with the executive regulations of this law.