LAHORE: The Gulberg Town administration has started a campaign to light up the whole town by installing street lights on some 17,000 selected points on different roads and streets.

The campaign, started a few days ago, is part of the ongoing plan to beautify the provincial capital. Under this beautification plan, the town administrations have been assigned the tasks of removing encroachments, developing roads and streets, specifying places for garbage disposal, maintaining small parks and green belts, and installing lights at different places in the city.

Visibility and security: The installation of street lights and the illumination of the entire city is aimed at ensuring improved visibility to commuters and residents at night. The street lights will also help control crime and enable families to walk in the streets at night without fear of being accosted by robbers, and to make parks and other public places attractive for people, especially children.

Electricians: The Gulberg Town administration has hired manpower for the 15 union councils of the town for the installation of these lights. One electrician and one helper each have been hired for the union councils, making the total number of men hired 30. These electricians have been given proper uniforms, and would be available round the clock to fix any defected streetlight.

The administration will install modern sodium bulbs on all major roads in Gulberg Town to ensure visibility during fog, while it will install normal tube lights in the streets. The town administration has given the union councils the task of installing the street lights. The installation work has already been started, and the employees of the union councils have been told to finish the campaign within a month.

Gulberg Town Municipal Officer (TMO) Ali Abbas Bokhari told Daily Times that the town was the first to start the campaign of installing street lights in an organised manner. He said the town administration would ensure that maintenance work on the lights continued in the future. He said the employees of the town administration were carrying out the installation of street lights simultaneously with their other jobs. Bokhari said the town administration had earlier conducted a detailed survey of the town and had identified 17,000 points to set up the lights.

Source: Daily Times