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Gwadar Golf City Development work strarted

Gwadar Golf City located at Makran Coastal Highway going to be one of the most prestigious development in upcoming Mega and Smart City of Gwadar.  Project offers state of the art amenities paired with an immaculately designed infrastructure and an exceptional modern luxury lifestyle. Fundamentally a Golf Residence, it is the flag bearer of individual comfort, style and extravagance in a cutting edge housing plan venture.

Designed as ‘A perfect Getaway’ for golfing enthusiasts Gwadar Golf city is the hub of economic and business development. Offering a variety of investment to meet everyone’s budget. From recreational activities such as a gym and sports center to facilitating all your entertainment needs society aims to provide you with all the bare necessities that will help you create a world of your dreams.  Seize this opportunity to claim a piece of your own special paradise.

Project includes following categories:


  • 4 Marla (100 Sq. Yards)
  • 8 Marla (200 Sq. Yards)


  • 5 Marla ( 125 Sq. Yards)
  • 8 Marla (100 Sq. Yards)
  • 10 Marla (250 Sq. Yards)
  • 1 Kanal (500 Sq. Yards)
  • 2 Kanal (1000 Sq. Yards)

Location Map:

Gwadar Golf City Location Map

Location Map

Gwadar Golf City Booking:

Gwadar Golf City Payment Plan

Payment Plan

Gwadar Golf City News:

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    • Dear Rashid Mehmood Bhai,

      It is located 16 KM from New Town Monument, 3.75 KM from Marine Drive and 2.75 KM from Coastal Highway and located at Mand Avenue. Till date only uncomplete Gate is constructed. No development work at site since more than 1 year. Project fall near water flood area.

    • Mudassar Nazar

      on   said 

      Assalam o Alaikum
      Dear Atif Bhai, jutj need your expert advice.
      Is it good time to invest in gawadar golf city? What’s your expert opinion? Is this project only in papers or have they got enough land as well?
      If you advice to go ahead , which size plts are good option?

      • Dear Mudassar Nazar Bhai,

        As GDA has given them NOC so I have to assume that they have land available with regard to NOC. However how much they have sell in the market, we don’t have any such information. As they have background from Bahria Town and market knows the Bahria Town Policy in this regard. Usually Bahria Town booked plots more then available land. Only Gwadar Golf City Management have best answer for this question.

        Yet they are developing the project at rapid pace. Currently their Main Gate and some part of Main Boulevard is ready. Jamia Masjid in Gwadar Golf City is under construction. Project is located at Main Coastal Highway and almost 47 KM away from Gwadar City. I will suggest investment if you can hold for longer run at least 5 years plus.

    • saqib

      on   said 

      Dear Atif bhai, Can you please let us know that what would be the FINAL TOTAL AREA of this project as currently its 10 ACERS. which is almost like HALF KM, which is not enough to even get the golf area, so can you please explain it. I am very much interested in this investiment but want to make sure that I won’t be scammed.

      • Dear Saqib Bhai,

        Initially it was NOC for Rabia City which was for 10 Acre only, recently like many others Gwadar Golf City also purchased an existing NOC of Rabia City and applied for change of name application. Now the name is changed as per GDA website. You can verify it from GDA website. Developer claim that they have applied for 414 Acre approx for extension of NOC. Only GDA can confirm the status of this extension. As per GDA official website NOC still stand for 10 Acre only. This is the official information till date I have. We at eProperty on believe on official statements rather market gossips or rumors. Please contact GDA directly for any further clarification.

        • saqib

          on   said 

          For sure. Thank you for such an clear and honest feedback. Please take my number and text me with your name so I could take your professional advise as well based upon the progress of the work. I am also chasing GDA on daily basis to see when this would be updated. Unless we see official information on the GDA, its very difficult for anyone to decide if they want to invest or not since there isn’t any population even in nearby areas of this scheme so we have to wait for another like 8-10 years so something there… Please text me. Would appreciate that.

        • saqib

          on   said 

          Assalamo Alikum Atif Bhai, How are you? What happened to Gawadar Golf City Official Website? Can you please provide some updates on this scheme, I am sure you must have got lot of current news on it. I am just wondering why their website is just vanished all of sudden. Gawadar golf city official.

    • Zaib

      on   said 

      Atif bhai your are doing a wonderful job. I live in italy and its impossible to visit the site frequently. Hows the development of golf city so far? Moreover, ive invested in the project without considering its distance from main city. I want to know if it will be profitable within 2-3 years? Need your detailed opinion about the project.
      Jazakallah khair.

      • Dear Zaib Bhai,

        Thank you for your valued comments. At time development work is going on for Gwadar Golf City. It is a long term project, however after new master plan of Gwadar there will be boost in the market for overall Gwadar Property Market so this project will also take gain. Rest developer is doing development work at site. If developer delivers the project within in next 3 years project may give a reasonable return. Although developer is claiming that it will be livable in next 1 year. Hope for the best.

        • Zaib

          on   said 

          Alhamdulillah., Atif Bhai. I was kind of lost and demotivated. Jazakallah alot for the motivation.
          Moreover., I want to invest in another project as well, as per my research and my own feasibility, those are Oshun (as I have been successful in its balloting) and Kings Park Gwadar. What’s your take on that? What would you recommend?

        • Dear Zaib Bhai,

          Kings Park Gwadar is much closer to city as compare to Oshun and Gwadar Golf City. Distances from New Town Monument are as under:

          Kings Park Gwadar 16 KM
          Gwadar Golf City 48 KM
          Oshun 48 KM

          These are minimum possible distances from possible shortest routes. As far as location concern Kings Park Gwadar is nearest among these. Almost first project by all 3 as developer. All have valid NOC by their respective authorities. Time frame may vary as per development pace vary. Time will tell which one of them deliver in shortest possible time. However Gwadar Golf City is going ahead in development among these currently. If the pace of development maintained by Gwadar Golf City hope fully it will be able to deliver earlier as compare to two others as per current development status.

    • Dear Anawar Bhai,

      As the project has NOC from GDA, but currently GDA site is only showing 10 Acre land NOC, as this 10 Acre NOC was for Rabia City and later purchased by Gwadar Golf City. Developer claims that they have applied for the extension of NOC and soon it will be displayed on GDA website. So far development work is going on, if GDA approved extension for the project then you can invest keeping in mind next 5 to 8 years time frame.

  1. mehtab

    on   said 

    at if bhai.project launched and u can.start booking 。 we.have taken.full.rights of.marketing and ensure u development in a year and.so.

    • Dear Jameel Bhai,

      This project is not offered by Bahria Town, developer of this project is BSM Developer. Also project is not launched yet, once booking available we will share information here.

    • Dear Hassan Adeel Bhai,

      Project is not yet offered bookings, it may take next 4 to 6 month to launch the project as per market news. Once booking details will be available we will share it.


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