A group representing housewives residents of Defence Housing Authority (DHA) has extended support to the newly-imposed refurbishment charges imposed by the housing authority for constructing storm water drain system in the area.

The office-bearers of the Housewives Group DHA said that the DHA administration and the area residents could sit together and come to a mutual understanding on contentious issues, said a press release issued on Wednesday.

The group also announced to part ways with the Association of Defence Residents (ADR), which has been opposing the levy of refurbishment charges on dwellers of the DHA.

As the ADR is totally against the refurbishment charges, due to this difference of opinion, the Housewives Group would part ways with the ADR, because we do not want trouble with the DHA. As our country is already in critical situation, we think we must avoid confrontation within ourselves, said the statement.

The release also said that the Housewives Group played an effective role in mobilising the idea of imposing refurbishment charges on residents. The group was inspired by the very bold and courageous initiative of the DHA and the Cantonment Board Clifton to have undertaken the effort of putting in place a storm water drainage system. Housewives Group President Raheela Farooq and General-Secretary Shakeela Mahmood also welcomed the appointment of a sub-committee of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Defence to look into the issue of refurbishment charges.

Source: The News