After August, expatriates in Dubai will not be able to avail the Dubai Municipality’s online service to register accommodation details for getting an accurate housing fee charged in their monthly utility bills.

The municipality has revised its earlier target of billing all expat residential units, leased and owned, by the end of January to August due to technical issues, according to Abdulla Hashim AbdulGhafoor, the head of the marketing and housing fees unit at the DM’s Finance Department. “But, we will not keep the registration service open after six months. By then, all housing units will be billed and the online service will be blocked,” he told Khaleej Times on Tuesday.

The Dubai Municipality had earlier warned residents that those who fail to register online risk paying a higher fee because their fees would be calculated as per the rental index by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency, which may not be equal to the actual rents they are paying. Housing fee for expat tenants is five per cent of their rent and they were required to register their housing details on the Municipality’s website, by January to make sure that the municipality charges the housing fee as per their rents.

Khaleej Times