ISLAMABAD: Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation’s (FGEHF) plan to launch a housing society in Zone-IV is likely to become another “New City Project” in which billions of rupees of the people were lost, as the land purchased by FGEHF doesn’t have access to main road and the foundation has a very bad track record in this regard.

However, under the cover of Ministry of Housing’s this project, the land mafia will get the approval to develop housing societies in zone IV. According to sources, according to master plan of Islamabad before announcement of the zoning regulation, the area, which is at the moment in Zone I, was included in urban area of federal capital and launching of housing societies were allowed in the west of capital i.e Fathejang and Tarnol. At that time it was prohibited to start housing societies projects in the area of Sihala, which is at the moment located in Zone V.

They said in 1993 Zoning Regulation were announced to get the permission to start housing societies in area of Zone V. The land mafia had already purchased the land in Zone V and to give them way in 1994 “New City Project” was announced, ignoring the fact that the land, which was selected for the project, had no access to main road and the land lying between Zone V and the road was private property.

As the result, the New City Project flopped and people lost millions of rupees in that scam, which opened the way for the land mafia to announce housing societies in Zone V. The land mafia had already purchased land in that area in early 80s at nominal rates, as the owners of the land knew that they could not construct houses on that land. Some people purchased the land to cut down the trees, as land was cheap and value of wood was high. Bahria Town, DHA, Anchorage and other societies were launched under the cover of New City Project.

Sources further said land mafia have started purchasing thousands of kanals of land in Zone IV, as it was very cheap because of ban to announce housing societies in this zone. There is 70,000 acres land in Zone IV, out of which investors have purchased over 40,000 acres of land.

Once again a government housing project has been announced in Zone IV, which will be a gateway for the housing societies in this area. FGEHF has purchased 3,156 kanals of land, which is situated between Angori Road and Expressway. But the Murree Expressway is almost 6 kilometers far from the land and there is also a private land between Angori Road and land of FGEHF due to which this project will not get the access just like New City Project. Besides, FGEHF project in G-13 has already gotten late and it has failed to get the possession of land in sector G-14. Under the cover of FGEHF’s this project the land mafia will get an opportunity to start private housing societies and make trillions of rupees.

Source: Daily Times