Islamabad—Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration is finalizing arrangements regarding setting up Sasta Ramadan Bazaars and fair price shops in Islamabad during the month of Ramazan, the official source said.

Food items will be provided at the cheaper rates which will be less than the rates of CDA weekly bazaars. The source informed that the magistrates have started the preparations for making elaborate arrangements for setting up the sasta bazaars and fair price shops.

It is also under consideration to set up stalls of utility store corporations at Sasta Ramadan Bazaars.The food department is also reviewing to meet the demands of fruits and vegetables in the market.

Meetings have been planned in next three days with the traders of Sabzi Mandi to ensure sufficient increase in the supply of food after advent of Ramazan.

It is being stressed that supply of food items from other parts of the country must increase keeping in view the demands of consumers during the holy month so that supply and demand issue might not cause any shortage of food item during Ist 10 days of Ramazan.

Preparations are also being made to set up at Sasta Bazaars in various locations of the city including rural areas where all the commodities will be available to the consumers at the cheaper rates.

Similarly, it has been also planned to set up fair price shops in the Federal Capital which will start working from the Ist of Ramazan alongwith sasta bazaars.Orders have been circulated to magistrates to start daily price checking in their areas and take stern action against the profiteers and hoarders.

Food department has been also directed to issue daily rate list of fruits and vegetables.

The source further informed that administration will also hold meetings with the millers, meat sellers and traders who will hopefully provide flour bags, ghee and other items at the reduced rates than the ex-mill rates, for the holy month.