Razed Kalma Chowk monument to be in museum

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LAHORE – The provincial government is going to conserve the ‘Kalma Chowk Monument’ in Lahore Museum, which has been removed from the site safely under the supervision of expert engineers, sources informed TheNation.

The sources said that the government is planning to keep it at some other important intersection of the provincial metropolis or at some unannounced interchange of the Ring Road. However, the monument has been kept safely by covering it in a black clothed cover in a warehouse of government situated at Gajomata. Moreover, famous designers of National College of Arts (NCA) also proposed to design another copy of such monument as model made of light metal for keeping that at the Ring Road or any other intersection of the city instead of keeping the original monument and in this regard work is also underway, they added.

So far as the construction of the Kalma Chowk Flyover is concerned, one portion of the bridge (Section I at the Ferozpur Road, ascending from the canal side) is about to complete including carpeting of the road while the section II of the flyover could not be started so far. However, the contractors are confident that the bridge would not only be completed within given deadline of August 14 but would also be opened for traffic.

They disclosed that design of the underpass, which is likely to be started on the occasion of inauguration of the bridge, has also been completed by the contractor company NESPAK. However, feasibility report of the proposed underpass is being prepared, they added.

Further, according to Project Manager Sabir Khan and other engineers of the contractor company National Logistic Cell (NLC) all the complications in the construction of this masterpiece of the City have already been resolved including the traffic signal installed on the Road near Model Town which was technically unfit. They said that technically a traffic signal should be installed at not less than 600 meters away from any bridge according to worldwide traffic rules.
Earlier, due to this technical fault, the design of the flyover was criticised by the experts declaring it a defective design and said that the flyover became narrowed after the completion of Proposed Rail Transit Project.

However, the Chinese experts cleared it declaring the project feasible after they visited the site.

Talking about the complications during construction of the proposed underpass particularly after the completion of flyover, they clarified that technically it is hard to manage such type of situations but it is not impossible because the expert engineers have capabilities to tackle these kind of problems during construction work of the underpass.

They said that they would fill both sides of the foundation of such proposed underpass with concrete and metal in order to strengthen the pillars of the flyover because these materials have capacity to bear the heavy load and maximum pressure as well.

However, Kalma Chowk flyover, which is being constructed to ensure smooth flow of traffic, observes worst gridlocks in the City as the four-side traffic is jamming minimum twice in a day.

The City Traffic Police, however, have made a comprehensive plan for making flow of traffic smooth but the wardens deployed on the site can be witnessed enjoying gossips with each other during sizzling heat instead of controlling huge flow of traffic.

According to the City Traffic Police Plan, only Public Service Vehicles (Bus, Van, Mazda) are allowed to travel through service road from Qadafi Stadium signal up to Model Town Moor. All slow traffic and private cars will travel from Qadafi Stadium signal to Hockey Stadium towards Centre Point up to Kalma Chowk slip towards Kasur. The Traffic Police spokesman said a complete sector has been established on Kalma Chowk in order to maintain smooth flow of vehicular activities.

Officially as many as 130 wardens and four traffic Inspectors have been deputed for controlling traffic under the direct control of one Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) in three shifts.

It is pertinent to mention here that Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif inaugurated the construction work of flyover on March 4, 2011 after allocating a huge amount of about Rs 2.8 billion for the construction of flyover only.

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Razed Kalma Chowk monument to be in museum
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