After the demolition of illegally constructed Jamia Hafsa, many illegal constructions in the federal capital which are expanding day by day are waiting for their turn.

At present, federal areas contain illegal constructions near sectors F-7, G- 7, G-8, F-8, Fruit and Vegetable Market, Sohaan and some other parts of the city, sabotaging the ongoing CDA development campaign to beautify the city.

The illegal residential vicinities came into being when majority of the house servants, workers, employees from other cities started living here in self-constructed huts in green belts, forested areas and empty spaces.

The reports are there and police records also prove that many criminal activities like sale of alcohol and other drugs are going on in most of these illegal katchi abadis inhabited by the Christians and other non-Muslims who hold permits for alcohol.

Even robbers, thieves and other criminals use the said residential areas as a shelter to continue their criminal activities. Prostitution is a normal practice in some areas and law-enforcement agencies, especially, police are also involved in that.

The CDA often tries to eradicate the illegal residential colonies and launches operations that fail due to resistance of the residents, especially women, who lay before the bulldozers.

A few weeks back, an attempt to kidnap a female school student was foiled in a katchi abadi of G-7.

Likewise, the Afghan refuges residing in katchi abadis in Afghan Basti, Fruit and Vegetable Market and Sohaan areas are known for their terror in the city. A few years back, an attempt was made by the CDA to shift the residents of illegal community near Bari Imam to Alipur Firash by offering them plots of three marlas but in vain.

Now most of the residents of these illegal residential colonies are demanding alternative shelters for their residence.

The main reason for the failure of the CDA in evacuating the said illegal residents is that majority of the said residents, especially the residents of G-7 katchi abadi, is that about one kilometre from the CDA headquarters are grade-4 employees of the civic authority belonging to its sanitation department.
Source: The Post