Islamabad: CDA plans to make Malpur a model village

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) on Saturday announced setting up ‘Malpur Model Village’ to get 35 acres of land vacated that is located in the extension of ‘Diplomatic Enclave’ and was allotted to the embassy of the People’s Republic of China for the construction of ‘Visa Seekers Service Centre.’

First to get residential plots allotted and cash compensation for the built up property paid were the 20 families from the old Malpur village who were occupying the piece of land allotted to the Chinese embassy and were not ready to hand over the possession of the land to the authority.

The CDA Chairman Tariq Mahmood Khan, announced that the ‘Malpur Model Village’ has been approved by the authority where the inhabitants of the old Malpur village would be accommodated, enabling the authority take over the possession of land, which was actually acquired back in 1962.

As the first step the 20 occupants who were inhibiting in the 35 acres of land that was allotted to the Chinese embassy were given the allotment letters for residential plots in the upcoming ‘Malpur Model Village’ as well as cheques of cash compensation against the built up property in today’s ceremony in which the Chinese envoy was also present.

The Chinese envoy, Luo Zhaukui and the Chairman CDA, Tariq Mahmood Khan, jointly distributed the allotment letters and cash compensation cheques for the built up property to the members of the 20 families on the occasion.

The Chinese envoy thanked those who handed over the possession of their land and the built up property to the CDA for the construction of new Chinese embassy and described the event as a ‘big day’ for himself and the whole Chinese embassy staff in Islamabad.

“It was in October last year that this agreement was reached and it was because of the dedicated efforts on part of the CDA and the cooperation extended by the people who were occupying the piece of land that today we have been able to resolve this issue amicably,” the Chinese envoy said on the occasion.

He said that China remains a committed friend of Pakistan and its people and promised to invite the people who handed over the possession of their land and the built up properties to the reception that would be hosted by the Chinese embassy when the construction of their new premises will start.

Syed Nayar Bukhari, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) nominee for the Senate seat from Islamabad, who also is the resident of Malpur village, while speaking on the occasion said that by announcing setting up of the ‘Malpur Model Village’ the CDA Chairman has fulfilled a long outstanding demand of the people of Malpur.

“Our land was acquired by the CDA back in 1962. But theissue of compensation remained pending for the last over 40 years. It is a matter of pride for me that the issue has been resolved while the government of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is in place in the country,” Syed Nayar Bukhari said.

He promised that the people of Malpur village would continue to extend cooperation to the CDA for the resolution of all the outstanding issues. He said that by creating ‘Malpur Model Village’ it would become very easy to settle the outstanding issues and disputes with the CDA.

The CDA chairman said that the issue of taking over possession of the land in Malpur village, which was acquired back in 1962, had always remained a perplexing issue in the CDA and in the past very little attention was paid to resolve this matter.

“Now the CDA Board took up this tricky issue and managed to resolve it with the help and assistance of the local influential people, led by Syed Nayar Bukhari, the Senator nominee of the PPP from Islamabad,” he added.

A large number of residents from Malpur Village were also present besides Member Finance Saeed-ur-Rehman, Member Estate Brigadier ® Asad Munir, Member Administration S. M Farooqi, Member Planning & Design Syed Tanvir Bukhari, Member Environment Mazhar Hussain, D G (Services) Jamil-ur-Rehman, Senior Director Public Relations Rawal Khan Maitla, Director Land & Rehabilitation Chaudhry Asadullah Faiz and other high officials were also present on the occasion.

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