ISLAMABAD: Housing and Works Minister Rahmatullah Kakar has admitted in the Senate that this government has allotted 208 flats out of turn.

Answering a question by Muhammad Talha Mahmood, the minister said out-of-turn allotments have been made in almost all categories of flats.

According to official documents, out-of-turn allotments include eight flats in CAT-I, 11 in CAT-II, 19 in CAT-III, 11 in CAT-IV, 25 in CAT-V, 14 A-Type, 18 B-Type, 21 C-Type, 25 D-Type, 26 E-Type, five F-Type, 11, G-Type, six H-Type, four I-Type and EPO each.

It has been learnt that 75,000 government employees have been waiting for their turn to get a flat over years while the government has allotted its favourites flats even with an experience of as less as two months.

A list of out-of-turn allotments shows that Ziauddin, an Estate Office clerk, was allotted a flat after five months of service; Malik Atique after nine months; Umar Farooq and Gul Aslam Khan five months; Jamil Ahmed Channa, Tariq Ali and Zakia four months; Tasawer Hayat eight months; Asad Nazir five months; Taj Muhammad six months; Nabila Aslam one year and a half; Shazia Gul two years and two months.

The luckiest one: Zahid Bashir turns out to be the luckiest guy to get a flat after just two months of service.

City administration takes the lion’s share: The capital police took most of the out-of-turn flats, according to the list. SSP Capt ® Ahmad Latif was allotted government residence in posh sector F-6/3 out of turn.

ASP Farrukh Rashid was also awarded house in posh sector F-6/4 out of turn. Syed Abbas Ahsan of PSP got out of turn accommodation in G-6/3. SP Kamran Adil got flat in G-6/3 out of turn.

AC Asia Gul got accommodation out of turn in 1-08/1. AC Shahbaz Tahir Nadeem was allotted out of turn accommodation in G-06/4 and AC Naila Baqir Waqas got accommodation in G-06/4 out of turn.

Many employees have been waiting for government accommodation for years but they could not because they don’t have anyone to intercede on their behalf or they don’t know tricks of the trade. Some even fail to get a flat in their entire service.

At the same time there are those who don’t waste time and get accommodated.

Source: Daily Times