The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has cancelled the ‘layout plans’ and the ‘No Objection Certificate’ (NOC) issued to the Pakistan Medical Cooperative Housing Society (PMCHS) and the National Police Foundation (NPF).

Director Lands and Rehabilitation of the CDA, Asad Ullah Faiz, told ‘The News’ that the ‘NOC’ issued to the NPF and the ‘layout plans’ issued in favour of the PMCHS have been cancelled because they have violated the ‘layout plans’ submitted earlier.

“Both these housing societies have spread out their operations beyond the layout plans that they submitted with the CDA for getting approval for their projects. The National Police Foundation originally submitted layout plans for an area of 973 kanal of land while now it has encroached upon private land by at least 352 kanal of land,” Asad Ullah Faiz told ‘The News’.

“Similarly, the Pakistan Medical Cooperative Housing Society also has included at least 86 kanal of land to their original approved area of 170 kanal in violation of the original plans submitted with the CDA,” the director lands told ‘The News’.

He said that both these housing societies have ‘usurped’ general public land and the people who have lost their land to these housing societies are now approaching the CDA for compensation. “These two societies have become a source of discomfort and nuisance for public as well as causing problems for the CDA. As such their ‘NOC’ and the ‘layout plan’ have been cancelled,” he said.

A senior official in the authority, when contacted told ‘The News’ that the ‘NOC’ of the NPF and the ‘Layout Plan’ of the PMCHS would be restored only after they would remove these encroachments or regularize these violations that they have committed.

The director lands said that in case these societies failed to comply with the rules and regulations governing these societies, the CDA can either take over the whole projects or at least the commercial areas in these societies, which have already been pledged with the CDA to protect the interests of general public who have purchased plots in these societies.

He said that for restoring their ‘NOC’ and the ‘layout plans’ these societies would be required to first purchase the additional land that they have encroached upon and submit the ‘title’ with the Authority along with the revised ‘Layout Plan’ as the first step.

“These societies have encroached upon private land beyond the original plans. First they have to purchase this land and submit the ‘title’ with the CDA and then submit the revised ‘layout plan’ for approval. Only when these conditions will be fulfilled their NOC and the ‘Layout Plans’ would be approved afresh,” the director told ‘The News.’

Source: The News