Lahore: UNEARTHING of a scam by the Lahore Development Authority regarding missing files of some 1,061 plots in the Johar Town, phase I and II, from the official record has created panic among the residents of the area and a large number of people including residents, investors and property dealers visited the LDA offices to know status of their properties on Tuesday.

The committee said that all proceedings regarding exemption/allocation/possession/issuance of NOC(s)/transfer of plots/sanctioning of building plan/completion certificate/permission to mortgage etc. shall be stopped with immediate effect. The DG LDA, sources said, directed the Town Planner LDA, to stop issuing building plans sanctioned against each file / plots / properties while Director Finance LDA was directed to stop all payments received against these files after passing of appropriate orders by DLD-I and fulfilling all legal formalities. DEM-I/SEO was directed that possession proceedings shall be stopped with immediate effect and DLD-I was ordered to stop all further processing on the files against abovementioned file numbers.

The scam was revealed by a special committee in its inquiry report. The committee, after scrutinising the official record, revealed that 1,061 files were missing from the official record. In light of the findings of the committee, the LDA DG banned sale and purchase of plots carrying the following files numbers.

Sources in the LDA said that the committee pointed out that the total 1,061 missing files included 479 files in Phase I and 582 in Phase II of Johar Town. According to the committee report, the missing files in Johar Town Phase I are: JTAP7, JT AP28, JTAP35, JT AP 38, JT AP 40, JT AP 46, JT AP 47, JT AP 49, JT AP 50, JT AP 60, JT AP 147, JT AP 148, JT AP 174, JT AP 175, JT AP 176, JT AP 223, JT AP 239, JT AP 240, JT AP 243, JT AP 245, JT AP 270, JT AP 312, JT AP 325, JT AP 363-E, JT AP 372, JT AP 374, JT AP 387, JT AP 388, JT AP 391, JT AP 395, JT AP 397, JT AP 398, JT AP 400, JT AP 401, JT AP 404, JT AP 422, JT AP 423, JT AP 425, JT AP 435, JT AP 438, JT AP 449, JT AP 489, JT AP 505, JT AP 517, JT AP 576, JT AP 577, JT AP 578, JT AP 584, JT AP 590, JT AP 603, JT AP 609, JT AP 611, JT AP 612, JT AP 625, JT AP 648, JT AP 661, JT AP 662, JT AP 665, JT AP 667, JT AP 671, JT AP 688, JT AP 689, JT AP 701, JT AP 703, JT AP 705, JT AP 709, JT AP 721, JT AP 723, JT AP 727, JT AP 731, JT AP 732, JT AP 741, JT AP 744, JT AP 746, JT AP 749, JT AP 752, JT AP 753, JT AP 754, JT AP 755, JT AP 758, JT AP 784, JT AP 785, JT AP 786, JT AP 787, JT AP 788, JT AP 794, JT AP 796, JT AP 798, JT AP 799, JT AP 800, JT AP 561-D, JT AP 561-F, JT AP 714-A, JT AP 717-I/C, JT AP 717-K, JT AP 717-L, JT AP 717-M, JT AP 717-N, JT AP 717-O, JT AP 719-E, JT AP 719-F, JT AP 719-G, JT AP 719-H, JT AP 720-G, JT AP 807, JT AP 830, JT AP 834, JT AP 838, JT AP 840, JT AP 845, JT AP 869, JT AP 879, JT AP 881, JT AP 883, JT AP 891, JT AP 892, JT AP 896, JT AP 897, JT AP 901, JT AP 911, JT AP 912, JT AP 913, JT AP 917, JT AP 920, JT AP 924, JT AP 927, JT AP 929, JT AP 938, JT AP 942, JT AP 943, JT AP 950, JT AP 951, JT AP 960, JT AP 968, JT AP 970, JT AP 975, JT AP 977, JT AP 981, JT AP 982, JT AP 989, JT AP 993, JT AP 995, JT AP 996, JT AP 997, JT AP 1012, JT AP 1016, JT AP 1029, JT AP 1032, JT AP 1042, JT AP 1053, JT AP 1058, JT AP 1158-A, JT AP 1158-B, JT AP 1063, JT AP 1065, JT AP 1066, JT AP 1071, JT AP 1074, JT AP 1075, JT AP 1077, JT AP 1082, JT AP 1093, JT AP 1100, JT AP 1101, JT AP 1110, JT AP 1112, JT AP 1117, JT AP 1123, JT AP 1127, JT AP 1149, JT AP 1152, JT AP 1158, JT AP 1161, JT AP 1170, JT AP 1171, JT AP 1181, JT AP 1182, JT AP 1198, JT AP 1103, JT AP 1225, JT AP 1241, JT AP 1249, JT AP 1258, JT AP 1270, JT AP 1273, JT AP 1284, JT AP 1289, JT AP 1296, JT AP 1297, JT AP 1302, JT AP 1303, JT AP 1305, JT AP 1309, JT AP 1315, JT AP 1323, JT AP 1327, JT AP 1343, JT AP 1346, JT AP 1347, JT AP 1353, JT AP 1362, JT AP 1364, JT AP 1365, JT AP 1370, JT AP 1373, JT AP 1374, JT AP 1378, JT AP 1381, JT AP 1383, JT AP 1390, JT AP 1417, JT AP 1425, JT AP 1429, JT AP 1431, JT AP 1440, JT AP 1447, JT AP 1472, JT AP 1478, JT AP 1480, JT AP 1501, JT AP 1504, JT AP 1507, JT AP 1509, JT AP 1511, JT AP 1515, JT AP 1525, JT AP 1536, JT AP 1554, JT AP 1555, JT AP 1585, JT AP 1587, JT AP 1741, JT AP 1868, JT AP 2203, JT AP 2204, JT AP 2207, JT AP 2208, JT AP 2219, JT AP 2221, JT AP 2224, JT AP 2226, JT AP 2230, JT AP 2235, JT AP 2241, JT AP 2242, JT AP 2251, JT AP 2253, JT AP 2268, JT AP 2276, JT AP 2279, JT AP 2283, JT AP 2294, JT AP 2302, JT AP 2305, JT AP 2311, JT AP 2312, JT AP 2332, JT AP 2335, JT AP 2343, JT AP 2344, JT AP 2354, JT AP 2358, JT AP 2363, JT AP 2366, JT AP 2373, JT AP 2375, JT AP 2379, JT AP 2393, JT AP 2394, JT AP 2406, JT AP 2421, JT AP 2452, JT AP 2461, JT AP 2465, JT AP 2468, JT AP 2470, JT AP 2477, JT AP 2483, JT AP 2484, JT AP 2485, JT AP 2486, JT AP 2487, JT AP 2503, JT AP 2504, JT AP 2514, JT AP 2517, JT AP 2518, JT AP 2519, JT AP 2531, JT AP 2536, JT AP 2543, JT AP 2555, JT AP 2574, JT AP 2575, JT AP 2576, JT AP 2577, JT AP 2578, JT AP 2585, JT AP 2586, JT AP 2587, JT AP 2588, JT AP 2607, JT AP 2616, JT AP 2635, JT AP 2637, JT AP 2660, JT AP 2669, JT AP 2670, JT AP 2673, JT AP 2677, JT AP 2680, JT AP 2685, JT AP 2765, JT AP 2766, JT AP 2768, JT AP 2769, JT AP 2770, JT AP 2771, JT AP 2772, JT AP 2773, JT AP 2774, JT AP 2775, JT AP 2776, JT AP 2777, JT AP 2778, JT AP 2779, JT AP 2780, JT AP 2781, JT AP 2782 to JT AP 2797, JT AP 3027, JT AP 3028, JT AP 3049, JT AP 3050, JT AP 3058, JT AP 3078, JT AP 3094, JT AP 3105, JT AP 3139, JT AP 3144, JT AP 3146, JT AP 3147, JT AP 3155, JT AP 3158 to JT AP 3167, JT AP 3171, JT AP N 31, JT AP N 32, JT AP N 42, JT AP N 47, JT AP N 48, JT AP N 117, JT AP N132, JT AP N134, JT AP N194, JT AP N84, JT SA1, JT SA3, JT SA21, JT SA42, JT SA43, JT BWL25, JT BWL29, JT BWL42, JT BWL52, JT BWL71, JT BWL119, JT BWL144, JT BWL153, JT BWL179, JT BWL192, JT BWL197, JT BWL198, JT BWL199, JT BWL212, JT BWL216, JT JP3, JT JP11, JT JP25, JT JP 31, JT JP46, JT JP78, JT JP89, JT JP101, JT JP102, JT JP110, JT JP132, JT JP143, JT JP148, JT JP168, JT JP179, JT JP180, JT JP184, JT JP185, JT JP186, JT JP189, JT JP190, JT JP192, JT JP197, JT JP213 to JT JP216, JT NB-I41, JT NB-I85, JT NB-I 101, JT NB-I 123, JT NB-I 135, JT NB-I139, JT NB-I171, JT NB-I183, JT NB-I 187, JT NB-I199, JT NB-I220, JT NB-I281, JT NB-I338, JT NB-I429, JT NB-I433, JT NB-I199-A, JT NB-I179, JT NB-I246, JT NB-I247, JT NB-I248, JT NB-I249, JT NB-I381, JT NB-I403, JT NB-I 436, JT CM2, JT CM7, JT CM69, JT CM70, JT CM71, JT CM99, JT CM108, JT CM109, JT CM113, JT CM115, JT CM155, JT CM156, JT CM239, JT CM 278, JT CM262, JT CM265, JT CM266, JT CM272, JT CM279, JT CM282 and JT CM290 to JT CM299.

In Johar Town Phase II, the committee declared that the following files were missing. JT/NB-II/1, JT/NB-II/6, JT/NB-II/10, JT/NB-II/13, JT/NB-II/23, JT/NB-II/28, JT/NB-II/33, JT/NB-II/35, JT/NB-II/56, JT/NB-II/64, JT/NB-II/73, JT/NB-II/91, JT/NB-II/101, JT/NB-II/116, JT/NB-II/120, JT/NB-II/124, JT/NB-II/127, JT/NB-II/128, JT/NB-II/131, JT/NB-II/148, JT/NB-II/149, JT/NB-II/153, JT/NB-II/169, JT/NB-II/173, JT/NB-II/174, JT/NB-II/186, JT/NB-II/187, JT/NB-II/188, JT/NB-II/208, JT/NB-II/223, JT/NB-II/224, JT/NB-II/257, JT/NB-II/259, JT/NB-II/261, JT/NB-II/262, JT/NB-II/288, JT/NB-II/290, JT/NB-II/298, JT/NB-II/302, JT/NB-II/305, JT/NB-II/307, JT/NB-II/309, JT/NB-II/316, JT/NB-II/321, JT/NB-II/329, JT/NB-II/336, JT/NB-II/340, JT/NB-II/343, JT/NB-II/348, JT/NB-II/349, JT/NB-II/353, JT/NB-II/354, JT/NB-II/362, JT/NB-II/367, JT/NB-II/369, JT/NB-II/370, JT/NB-II/378, JT/NB-II/380, JT/NB-II/385, JT/NB-II/387, JT/NB-II/416, JT/NB-II/417, JT/NB-II/422, JT/NB-II/427, JT/NB-II/428, JT/NB-II/429, JT/NB-II/433, JT/NB-II/443, JT/NB-II/444, JT/NB-II/445, JT/NB-II/446, JT/NB-II/447, JT/NB-II/452, JT/NB-II/454, JT/NB-II/456, JT/NB-II/460, JT/NB-II/462, JT/NB-II/472, JT/NB-II/477, JT/NB-II/520, JT/NB-II/605, JT/NB-II/622, JT/NB-II/661, JT/NB-II/669, JT/NB-II/738, JT/NB-II/744, JT/NB-II/802, JT/NB-II/807, JT/NB-II/808, JT/NB-II/809, JT/NB-II/818, JT/NB-II/826, JT/NB-II/838, JT/NB-II/849, JT/NB-II/854, JT/NB-II/859, JT/NB-II/863, JT/NB-II/864, JT/NB-II/875, JT/NB-II/880, JT/NB-II/906, JT/NB-II/915, JT/NB-II/960, JT/NB-II/983, JT/NB-II/1009, JT/NB-II/1010, JT/NB-II/1019, JT/NB-II/1023, JT/NB-II/1045, JT/NB-II/1054, JT/NB-II/1055, JT/NB-II/1121, JT/NB-II/1139, JT/NB-II/1145, JT/NB-II/1146, JT/NB-II/1159, JT/NB-II/1164, JT/NB-II/1165, JT/NB-II/1191, JT/NB-II/1202, JT/NB-II/1215, JT/NB-II/1231, JT/NB-II/1235, JT/NB-II/1240, JT/NB-II/1241, JT/NB-II/1247, JT/NB-II/1251, JT/NB-II/1264, JT/NB-II/1272, JT/NB-II/1284, JT/NB-II/1288, JT/NB-II/1300, JT/NB-II/1317, JT/NB-II/1321, JT/NB-II/1322, JT/NB-II/1329, JT/NB-II/1330, JT/NB-II/1331, JT/NB-II/1340, JT/NB-II/1354, JT/NB-II/1360, JT/NB-II/1377, JT/NB-II/1388, JT/NB-II/1402, JT/NB-II/1417, JT/NB-II/1418, JT/NB-II/1425, JT/NB-II/1466, JT/NB-II/1508, JT/NB-II/1510, JT/NB-II/1518, JT/NB-II/1520, JT/NB-II/1521, JT/NB-II/1548, JT/NB-II/1551, JT/NB-II/1552, JT/NB-II/1556, JT/NB-II/1558, JT/NB-II/1591, JT/NB-II/1649, JT/NB-II/1666, JT/NB-II/1690, JT/NB-II/1693, JT/NB-II/1706, JT/NB-II/1708, JT/NB-II/1745, JT/NB-II/1750, JT/NB-II/1751, JT/NB-II/1756, JT/NB-II/1757, JT/NB-II/1784, JT/NB-II/1785, JT/NB-II/1786, JT/NB-II/1822, JT/NB-II/1823, JT/NB-II/1829, JT/NB-II/1850, JT/NB-II/1853, JT/NB-II/1855, JT/NB-II/1871, JT/NB-II/1875, JT/NB-II/1876, JT/NB-II/1880, JT/NB-II/1881, JT/NB-II/1895, JT/NB-II/1901, JT/NB-II/1907, JT/NB-II/1913, JT/NB-II/1916, JT/NB-II/1926, JT/NB-II/1937, JT/NB-II/1940, JT/NB-II/1948, JT/NB-II/1965, JT/NB-II/1986, JT/NB-II/2028, JT/NB-II/2032, JT/NB-II/2039, JT/NB-II/2042, JT/NB-II/2062, JT/NB-II/2085,JT/NB-II/2098,JT/NB-II/2099, JT/NB-II/2115, JT/NB-II/2162, JT/NB-II/2180, JT/NB-II/2216, JT/NB-II/2226, JT/NB-II/2235, JT/NB-II/2240, JT/NB-II/2262, JT/NB-II/2267, JT/NB-II/2278, JT/NB-II/2281, JT/NB-II/2282, JT/NB-II/2283, JT/NB-II/2284, JT/NB-II/2288, JT/NB-II/2295, JT/NB-II/2300, JT/NB-II/2307, JT/NB-II/2313, JT/NB-II/2318, JT/NB-II/2325, JT/NB-II/2327, JT/NB-II/2336, JT/NB-II/2337, JT/NB-II/2340, JT/NB-II/2352, JT/NB-II/2354, JT/NB-II/2358, JT/NB-II/2365, JT/NB-II/2388, JT/NB-II/2410, JT/NB-II/2413, JT/NB-II/2414, JT/NB-II/2422, JT/NB-II/2436, JT/NBII/2439, JT/NB-II/2445, JT/NB-II/2447, JT/NB-II/2448, JT/NB-II/2461, JT/NB-II/2555, JT/NB-II/2560, JT/NB-II/2571, JT/NB-II/2627, JT/NB-II/2635, JT/NB-II/2637, JT/NB-II/2646, JT/NB-II/2662, JT/NB-II/2673, JT/NB-II/2682, JT/NB-II/2738, JT/NB-II/2814, JT/NB-II/2816, JT/NB-II/2829, JT/NB-II/2832, JT/NB-II/2857, JT/NB-II/2896, JT/NB-II/2897, JT/NB-II/2900, JT/NB-II/2906, JT/NB-II/2929, JT/NB-II/2939, JT/NB-II/2941, JT/NB-II/2951, JT/NB-II/2956, JT/NB-II/2957, JT/NB-II/3004, JT/NB-II/3015, JT/NB-II/3016, JT/NB-II/3023, JT/NB-II/3032, JT/NB-II/3035, JT/NB-II/3041, JT/NB-II/3066, JT/NB-II/3072, JT/NB-II/3073, JT/NB-II/3076, JT/NB-II/3086, JT/NB-II/3087, JT/NB-II/3088, JT/NB-II/3115, JT/NB-II/3117, JT/NB-II/3139, JT/NB-II/3157, JT/NB-II/3159, JT/NB-II/3163, JT/NB-II/3168, JT/NB-II/3169, JT/NB-II/3171, JT/NB-II/3197, JT/NB-II/3202, JT/NB-II/3203, JT/NB-II/3212, JT/NB-II/3220, JT/NB-II/3221, JT/NB-II/3225, JT/NB-II/3237, JT/NB-II/3244, JT/NB-II/3252, JT/NB-II/3256, JT/NB-II/3303, JT/NB-II/3314, JT/NB-II/3315, JT/NB-II/3326, JT/NB-II/3328, JT/NB-II/3332, JT/NB-II/3334, JT/NB-II/3335, JT/NB-II/3355, JT/NB-II/3360, JT/NB-II/3367, JT/NB-II/3371, JT/NB-II/3374, JT/NB-II/3372, JT/NB-II/3400, JT/NB-II/3401, JT/NB-II/3412, JT/NB-II/3413, JT/NB-II/3421, JT/NB-II/3446, JT/NB-II/3471, JT/NB-II/3487, JT/NB-II/3490, JT/NB-II/3498, JT/NB-II/3507, JT/NB-II/3513, JT/NB-II/3518, JT/NB-II/3521, JT/NB-II/3522, JT/NB-II/3530, JT/NB-II/3537, JT/NB-II/3540, JT/NB-II/3541, JT/NB-II/3557, JT/NB-II/3567, JT/NB-II/3606, JT/NB-II/3609, JT/NB-II/3657, JT/NB-II/3658, JT/NB-II/3707, JT/NB-II/3710, JT/NB-II/3723, JT/NB-II/3771, JT/NB-II/3921, JT/NB-II/3929, JT/NB-II/3931, JT/NB-II/4026, JT/NB-II/4037, JT/NB-II/4039, JT/NB-II/4045, JT/NB-II/4058, JT/NB-II/4081, JT/NB-II/4110, JT/NB-II/4125, JT/NB-II/4132, JT/NB-II/4166, JT/NB-II/4168, JT/NB-II/4174, JT/NB-II/4175, JT/NB-II/4190, JT/NB-II/4224, JT/NB-II/4225, JT/NB-II/4230, JT/NB-II/4276, JT/NB-II/4277, JT/NB-II/4296, JT/NB-II/4345, JT/NB-II/4374, JT/NB-II/4394, JT/NB-II/4405, JT/NB-II/4412, JT/NB-II/4413, JT/NB-II/4414, JT/NB-II/4420, JT/NB-II/4469, JT/NB-II/4484, JT/NB-II/4491, JT/NB-II/4493, JT/NB-II/4531, JT/NB-II/4535, JT/NB-II/4538, JT/NB-II/4539, JT/NB-II/4551, JT /NB-II/4625, JT/NB-II/4643, JT/NB-II/4644, JT/NB-II/4651, JT/NB-II/4660, JT/NB-II/4661, JT/NB-II/4663, JT/NB-II/4666, JT/NB-II/4668, JT/NB-II/4688, JT/NB-II/4703, JT/NB-II/4720, JT/NB-II/4728, JT/NB-II/4729, JT/NB-II/4735, JT/NB-II/4736, JT/NB-II/4739, JT/NB-II/4769, JT/NB-II/4795, JT/NB-II/4851, JT/NB-II/4852, JT/NB-II/4853, J T/NB-II/4854, JT/NB-II/4874, JT/NB-II/4877, JT/NB-II/4879, JT/NB-II/4880, JT/NB-II/4890, JT/NB-II/4927, JT/NB-II/4930, JT/NB-II/4939, JT/NB-II/4951, JT/NB-II/4952, JT/NB-II/4961, JT/NB-II/4968, JT/NB-II/5024, J T/NB-II/5027, JT/NB-II/5031, JT/NB-II/5040, JT/NB-II/5051, JT/NB-II/5052, JT/NB-II/5067, JT/NB-II/5073, JT/NB-II/5077, JT/NB-II/5093, JT/NB-II/5095, JT/NB-II/5096, JT/NB-II/5101, JT/NB-II/5192, JT/NB-II/5195, JT/NB-II/5236, JT/NB-II/5238, JT/NB-II/5239, JT/NB-II/5256, JT/NB-II/5257, JT/NB-II/5283, JT/NB-II/5300, JT/NB-II/5310, JT/NB-II/5317, JT/NB-II/5319, JT/NB-II/5333, JT/NB-II/5350, JT/NB-II/5396, JT/NB-II/5398, JT/NB-II/5399, JT/NB-II/5408, JT/NB-II/5410, JT/NB-II/5429, JT/NB-II/5434, JT/NB-II/5444, JT/NB-II/5459, JT/NB-II/5462, JT/NB-II/5472, JT/NB-II/5473, JT/NB-II/5479, JT/NB-II/5480, JT/NB-II/5481, JT/NB-II/5482, JT/NB-II/5489, JT/NB-II/5494, JT/NB-II/5509, JT/NB-II/5519, JT/NB-II/5520, JT/NB-II/5521, JT/NB-II/5522, JT/NB-II/5525, JT/NB-II/5534, JT/NB-II/5535, JT/NB-II/5536, JT/NB-II/5537,JT/NB-II/5538, JT/NB-II/5540, JT/NB-II/5541, JT/NB-II/5555, JT/NB-II/5562, JT/NB-II/5563, JT/NB-II/5576, JT/NB-II/5584, JT/NB-II/5588, JT/NB-II/5590, JT/NB-II/5626, JT/NB-II/5627, JT/NB-II/5628, JT/NB-II/5629, JT/NB-II/5630, JT/NB-II/5631, JT/NB-II/5642, JT/NB-II/5649, JT/NB-II/5652, JT/NB-II/5653, JT/NB-II/5656, JT/NB-II/5672, JT/NB-II/5683, JT/NB-II/5703, JT/NB-II/5736, JT/NB-II/5744, JT/NB-II/5746, JT/NB-II/5776, JT/NB-II/5795, JT/NB-II/5798, JT/NB-II/5890, JT/NB-II/5915, JT/NB-II/5919, JT/NB-II/5920, JT/NB-II/5921, JT/NB-II/5924, JT/NB-II/5937, JT/NB-II/5938, JT/NB-II/5939, JT/NB-II/5940, JT/NB-II/5941, JT/NB-II/5942, JT/NB-II/5950, JT/NB-II/5951, JT/NB-II/5956, JT/NB-II/6010, JT/NB-II/6011, JT/ NB-II/6012, JT/NB-II/6013, JT/NB-II/6014, JT/NB-II/6015, JT/NB-II/6016, JT/NB-II/6017, JT/NB-II/6018, JT/NB-II/6056, JT/NB-II/6057, JT/NB-II/6056, JT/NB-II/6059, JT/NB-II/6060, JT/NB-II/6061, JT/NB-II/6063,JT/NB-II/6064, JT/NB-II/6066, JT/NB-II/6067, JT/NB-II/6068, JT/NB-II/6069, JT/NB-II/6070, JT/NB-II/6071, JT/NB-II/6072, JT/NB-II/6074, JT/NB-II/6075, JT/NB-II/6076, JT/N

B-II/6077, JT/NB-II/6078, JT/NB-II/6079, JT/NB-II/080, JT/NB-II/6082, JT/NB-II/6099, JT/NB-II/6100, JT/NB-II/6103, JT/NB-II/6112, JT/NB-II/6117, JT/NB-II/6123, JT/NB-II/6124, JT/NB-II/6127, JT/NB-II/6138, JT/NB-II/6139, JT/NB-II/6141, JT/NB-II/2115-A, JT/NB-II/2145-A, JT/NB-II/2560-A, JT/NB-II/2581-A, JT/NB-II/3518-A, JT/NB-II/3521-A, JT/NB-II/3522-A, JT/NB-II/3557-A, JT/NB-II/3559-A, JT/NB-II/418-A, JT/NB-II/418-B, JT/NB-II/5491-92/52, JT/NB-II/5974-D, JT/NB-II/6062-E, JT/NB-II/6065-E, JT/NB-II/6067-B, JT/NB-II/6067-D and JT/NB-II/6067-E.

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