Lahore: Thousand of residents of various colonies along the newly-constructed Lahore-Kasur road are facing serious difficulties as contractor has not given them access to their homes.

Big private residential colonies and several influential people have managed to get access through road cuts linking the inner roads or business premises with the main road while those without connections are running from pillar to post. Residents of various localities have said the issue to link streets with the main road cropped up after the present government directed contractors to construct a rain water drain along the road. They said following the government’s direction, the project contractor constructed a rain water drain and covered it.

Residents claimed that the drain had cut off various localities such as Saroba Garden from the main road due to which residents of these localities are facing serious problem in reaching their homes. Majority of people are forced to use alternate routes which was burdening them financially as well as resulting in waste of time.

Source: The News