LAHORE: The City Traffic Police (CTP) has instructed all traffic wardens to issue at least 10 challans per day and pay special attention to the use of inappropriate number plates, lines and lanes. A press statement issued by the department said Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Mirza Shakeel had also ordered to launch a citywide campaign to educate citizens about the traffic rules. He said lack of traffic education was causing several road accidents, disorganised traffic flow, encroachments (illegal parking) and other traffic violations. He said the CTP would launch a one-month programme to inform the citizens. The wardens would educate commuters about traffic rules and regulations on The Mall and Allama Iqbal Road during the first week. They would take action against tinted glasses and illegal number plates during the second week, ensure use of helmets and traffic signals during the third week and take action against two-stroke or motorcycle rickshaws during the fourth week of the campaign.

Source: Daily Times