LAHORE: After sugar crisis, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) marketing have dropped another bomb shell on the poor consumers before the Holy Month of Ramzan as the gas price has been increased by Rs 4 per kg.

Masses who were already overburdened by the the escalation in the petrol and diesel prices and prevailing sugar crisis have been gifted by the LPG marketing companies by raising Rs 40 per domestic cylinder of 11.8 kg and Rs 160 per commercial cylinder of 45.4 kg without giving any justification of raising the gas rates.

With the afresh increase, gas price in Lahore city would reach at Rs 66 per kg from Rs 62 per kg.

The LPG Distributors Association chairman Irfan Khokhar talking to The Post said that the increase was effectual with immediate effect. Khokhar while criticizing the marketing companies attitude said that government was not taking serious note of the producers and marketing companies looting due to which they were minting money without any fear of action and resultantly poor consumers and distributors were being suppressed and have to bear the load of undue price rise.

He said it is the result of government lethargic attitude that permit these players to challenge the writ of the government and before the advent of Holy Month of Ramzan during which the gas consumption increased by three times. He said that the cost of locally produced LPG is about Rs 10,000 per metric ton but nobody dare to ask the producers and marketing companies for what these are doing.

He said that local production has been declined from 1600 metric ton in November, 2008 to nearly 1100 MT in 2009. He was of the opinion that it will be detrimental to LPG business specially the distributors and its consumers.

Source: The Post