Edhi-Malik RiazCEO of Bahria town Malik Riaz has promised to compensate Edhi’s loss, ARY News learnt.

We live in a state where the man who has served his whole life for humanity and runs the world’s largest ambulance services gets robbed. There are very rare chances to find someone as selfless as Abdul Sattar Edhi in our country yet he wasn’t prevented from metropolis criminal activities.

After two days of robbery finally a positive gesture has been seen from CEO of Bahria Town Malik Riaz who said that “I can’t see the most respectable and honorable personality of Pakistan in trouble”.  He said he will try to pay maximum amount robbed from Edhi Welfare Centre as a compensation of Edhi’s loss. Headquarter of Edhi Welfare Center in Mithadar Karachi was robbed on Sunday 19th. Eight dacoits looted some 2 million rupees and five kilo gold from the house for humanity.

Malik Riaz is a business magnate and his love for philanthropy is also not hidden from anyone. His contribution in catastrophes and national disasters are highly acclaimed. He was the one who always stands for the Pakistani sailors and donated 130 million in 2012. He also offered the construction of burnt homes of Christians in Joseph Colony Lahore. And this time the man has taken the stand for Abdul Sattar Edhi the pride of Pakistan.

Many politicians and poeple from different walks of life have praised Malik Riaz for his generosity and kind gesture.