The families affected by the collapse of the Margalla Towers held an emergency meeting on Wednesday and criticised the Capital Development Authority (CDA) for stopping payments of house rents to them.

The CDA had started paying house rents to the affected people on an order of the Supreme Court (SC).

The affected people said that it was unfortunate that the CDA “continues to mislead and deceive us by false promises and stopping payments of our house rents, ordered by the SC”.

In the past, the affected people had held a series of demonstrations outside parliament house and demanded the government provide them with house rents and compensation.

The participants decided to pressure the CDA to resume the payment of house rents to the 143 affected families. The meeting appealed to the prime minister to direct the authorities concerned to release a report on the Margala Towers tragedy, prepared by the prime minister”s inspection commission and bring the people who were responsible for the incident, including CDA officials, to justice.

The participants expressed satisfaction over their meetings with Khalil Ahmed, the former NWFP governor and the special assistant to the prime minister. Ahmed has been appointed to resolve the issue of compensation for the affected people.

Source: Daily Times