A total number of seventeen toll plazas are expected to spread across Lahore Ring Road (LRR) as confirmed by Najam Waheed, Deputy Project Director.

He noted, “As soon as the toll plazas are set up, bikes and rickshaws will instantly be banned on the Ring Road. The Ring Road is a fast moving track and slow moving vehicles will not only endanger their own lives but also the lives of other commuters”.

Najam explained that the major reason behind charging the nominal amount is to ensure that the people become habitual of paying tax to the government.

“It is a pilot toll tax project and we will expand it by establishing more toll plazas after getting a feedback from officials and the commuters”, he briefed.

The one year contract has been granted to National Logistic Cell.
Lahore Commissioner Mr. Jawad Rafique Malik told the media, “The Ring Road project management has awarded the toll collection contract for one year to the NLC”.

He explained that NLC administration will charge Rs 10 from a car, Rs 25 from a wagon and Rs. 45 from a truck / bus.

Motorcycle riders will not be charged as the final decision whether to allow them on the Ring Road is still not confirmed.

Toll plazas will be constructed at Niazi Chowk, Mehmood Booti, GT Road, Harbanspura, Abdullah Gul, and Packages 6, 7, 10 and 11.
Ring Road is definitely a bold step forward into the future. It has certainly made life a bit easier and faster by removing the traffic delays from the middle.

Most people do not really have a problem with paying the amount of Rs. 10 for their car but they do have a problem with the long queue-ups that are already piling up at a number of toll plazas on the Ring Road Lahore.