HYDERABAD, Jan 30: The administration has advised people not to book or purchase any plot in a housing scheme as its NOC has been cancelled on reports of complaints against its sponsors.

The Hyderabad Development Authority has cancelled the NOC of Fareed Illahi Housing Scheme with an advice to people not to purchase or book any plot in this scheme.

A spokesman for the HDA said the action had been taken after complaints by different forums against sponsors of the scheme. WASA:

The Water and Sanitation Agency has announced that water bills for January have been issued and advised consumers to make payment by Feb 14.

A spokesman for Wasa said defaulters would have to pay additional five per cent of their outstanding bills, which has been included in January`s bill.

However, he said, consumers with arrears exceeding Rs10,000, would have to clear the entire amount in one installment. Otherwise, legal action will be taken against them.