LAHORE: Pakistan is a very attractive country for investment and tourism where the profit becomes double in a very short time period.

Head of Hyatt’s Global Technical Services Department (Vice President, Technical Services) Malcom G Turner said this on Saturday while addressing a press conference organised by the Pace Circles, which was also attended by CEO Pace Pakistan Moeed Rehman, Director Aamna Taseer, Group Director Finance Sardar Ali Watto and General Manager Raza Ahmed Khan.

“Hyatt Regency has constructed its first hotel in Hong Kong in 1961 and after that a number of hotels were established across the world,” he said adding that currently the management is planning to establish 96 branches across the world out of which 20 will be constructed in China.

He further said that in Pakistan, the contraction of hotel is going in Lahore’s biggest shopping mall named Pace Circle and it will take around two and a half year in completion after which the people of Lahore will get new advantage to refresh and enjoy them.

“The hotel will provide apartments, shopping centre, banquet hall, gym, health and fitness centre, social centre, guest rooms and all need of life,” he added.

On this occasion, Rehman said that one of the projects is Pace Circle which includes Hyatt Hotel, a shopping mall and apartment complex, while a number of leading architects, interior designers other consultants including Creative Kitchen Planners, KROLL Security Group, ACVIRON Acoustics Consultants, Bo-Steiber Lighting Design and Green Architects are working with the local construction company.

Sorce: Daily Times