ISLAMABAD: The government plans to build another port after it completes the Gwadar deep sea port in Balochistan, Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping Babar Ghauri told reporters on Wednesday. Ghauri, after a meeting with the British high commissioner to Pakistan, said the site for the new port would be decided soon.

It would also be a duty-free port like Gwadar. He said the proposed fourth port would be an important addition to the country’s trade infrastructure after the Karachi port, Port Qasim, and Gwadar. He said that the first cargo vessel would reach the Gwadar port in the third week of March and it would be a “historic moment”.

He hoped that Gwadar would become a major platform for the countries of Central Asia and the Middle East. The minister said Gwadar would be made a “hub port” with the assistance of Singapore. Big ships would bring commercial cargo containers to Gwadar, and than these containers would be transported to Karachi, Port Qasim, Iran and Bangladesh via small vessels.

The Gwadar Port Energy Zone would be open to investors from all countries and Pakistan is pursuing the project to become an “energy corridor” in the region, he said in his meeting with the British high commissioner.

Source:  DailyTimes