ISLAMABAD : Director Gwadar Port Authority Faiz Qudwai Wednesday said that government fully understands the importance of Gwadar which is future economic hub of Pakistan and would emerge as a major energy and container transport hub with Central Asia.       Talking to PTV he said,It is strategically located between three increasingly important regions of the world, the oil-rich Middle East, heavily populated South Asia and the economically emerging and resource-rich Central Asia.

He said, the Gwadar Port is expected to generate billions of dollars in revenue and create two million jobs.

There is lot of potential in Gwadar and now it depends upon stake holders which includes businessmen,traders and bureaucracy how they successfully handle it,he added

Fiaz Qudwai said, the construction of the port has spurred other major infrastructure projects in the area which includes the 700 km Makran Coastal Highway which is now complete,adding the highway has reduced travel time to Karachi from 48 hours to only 7 hours.

He said, when it becomes fully operational a new economic corridor would open for Balochistan and the whole country.

He showed his optimism for more incentives for businessmen and traders given by government to continue in future also.

Source: APP