LAHORE: Shakil Durrani, Chairman, Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) during his visit to Tarbela power station has said that electricity generation from Tarbela Hydel Power Station has touched the figure of 3682 MW, which is six percent more than its installed capacity because of heavy rains in the country resulting higher water level of the lake.

Now, Wapda is considering various options for installation of power turbines on tunnel four of Tarbela Dam in a bid to fully tap the potential of the reservoir. This extension project will add another 960 MW to the existing capacity of 3478 MW, he added.

While expressing satisfaction over the water availability, he said that the Tarbela Dam reservoir is filled to its maximum capacity ie 1550 feet above sea level, which is a positive sign for the irrigation and power generation and it would help to reduce unprecedental power load shedding in the country.

During his visit, the chairman was briefed about the salient features of the 4th Tarbela Extension Project. Earlier, the chairman visited the dam, spillways and powerhouse. He distributed shields and certificates among the officers and officials of the powerhouse for their good performance. He also visited the hatchery wherein ‘Mahasher,’ rare specie of fish, is being bred now-a-days. The chairman also planted a tree on the site of project.

Source: Business Recorder