The Managing Director Utility Stores Corporation (USC) Muhammad Arif Khan said Ramzan package would be launched from August 21 for ensuring relief to the poor. Talking to media, Arif Kahan it would start from August 21 and continue till the end of Ramazan and all segments of society will be provided subsidy, he said.

He said that USC throughout the country would ensure transparency and facilitate customers by enhancing its performance and monitoring system. The USC would enhance varieties of products at its outlets to attract more customers providing them all basic items during the holy month of Ramazan, he added.

The corporation is also ensuring quality of its products at its outlets, he said adding, the Utility Stores Corporation first took sample of the products and after its formal approval, order would be supplied to utility stores. Giving the detail, he said the Government on Friday approved the Ramazan package for 13 selected items with subsidy amounting to Rs 1.126 billion. The items include flour, sugar, ghee, broken rice, superbasmti, sella super rice, daal channa, white gram, basan (gram flour), dates, tea, spices and beverages. The current prices of the items at the USC outlets are: flour Rs 25-27.50 per kg, sugar Rs 38 per kg, ghee Rs 106 per kg, broken rice Rs 33 per kg, superbasmati Rs 65 per kg, sella super rice Rs 90 per kg, daal channa Rs 48 per kg, white gram Rs 98 per kg, basin (gram flour) Rs 58 per kg, dates Rs 92 per kg, tea Rs 412 per kg, spices Rs 28 per packet and beverages Rs 114 per bottle. He assured that there will be no shortage of the items and commodities would be availabe at subsidized rates at all utility stores.

Source: The Nation